Car Monster Vlog: powerful! classic cars!

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ThIs time, the honor and the 60-year-old vintage Car with Felicia “excluded” mountain for some children ! In fact, no exclusion of the mountain, the problem Is 2,3 block are gone, leaving only 1 block and 4-speed, let us “old driver” we supposed to do? In fact, nothing …… gear failure, the problem Is getting lost in thIs situation Is not good to solve ah ……


I sit Felicia Is the second time the (old Why not let me open !!!), the last time in Prague participated in a vintage Car rally, when the pilot to the driver (that really did not get lost !!!)

remember the more than 100 km away from the N stage, I sat in the only Skoda a vintage convertible Car, choose a Car when seeking only cool, not considered Cabriolet +100 km What Is the concept …… north wind that blows ah, my pride indulge all without a trace!

but I do not know you ah, anyway, I like to design models of the 1960s and before all the last century, it Is good to read a wood there! but, at the time of vehicle design Is essentially seeking only beautiful, but also did not begin security design. Program in the Car we have seen, even the seat belts and the right rear-view mirror are not, balloon even more impossible, and the body structure and the interior Is also in full accordance with beautiful design, comfort and also now immeasurably. But can! It still can not stop the Car enthusiasts love of classic Cars in the United States, began to have more and more people started buying classic Cars, Duke Is one of – in which

I guess over time take you to vIsit the Duke of classic Car Museum, are you ready