Car inventory protect their rights, it Is very simple to find opportunities

trust Is very fragile, and once it Is destroyed, hundreds of smiles can not be repaired, the US crIsIs of confidence has been dIspersed in the surface layers of the society. Rights triggered by a series of Car Mercedes-Benz incident, the public’s eyes suddenly gathered in the Car to protect the interests of consumers, arduous road of thIs and of the rights of slow, but read the following rights inventory to know Mercedes-Benz’s “oil spill” event just a drop in the ocean nothing! Take a look at the so-called “pit” in recent years, Car consumers experience it!

2013 In: 3.15 exposure JAC with Wyatt Health rust Car

at the 2013 3.15, CCTV exposed steel corrosion problems JAC with Wyatt series models, because the manufacturers to reduce costs with Wyatt series models, reduced the amount of galvanized steel, so the body can easily prone to rust, in fact, a similar situation in 2011 when it has happened, but in the process the owner of the rights, 4S point only using only cutting and patching methods spray corrosion prevention , but owners caused great dIssatIsfaction.

Event follow:

After being exposed, JAC speed of recall of the vehicle, treatment options are given cut and replace body parts, the “big cut Car” as the action has not been recognized by consumers. So that today there are people that “JAC rust it now” problem, so many owners had to choose low-cost reality forced selling Cars out of the pit, complete self-digestion resolved.

2013 In: 3.15 exposure of the general public DSG transmIssion death flashes

Is the same party for 13 years 3.15 Volkswagen’s DSG gearbox shakeMove, abnormal sound and “Death flicker” Issues to light. Volkswagen DQ200 was used in 7-speed dry dual-clutch gearbox defective, if the temperature Is too high Will power interruption occurs, even after a sudden power interruption recovery, easily lead to accidents.

events follow:

after the event, Volkswagen announced the recall of defective parts Automobile, extended warranty and commitment to thIs transmIssion, in addition to gearbox bug fixes, but also follow-up on thIs for a number of replacement gearbox, now equipped with significantly on the reliability of progress, but still flawed, to date, US consumers are still talking about the mere mention of the dry dual clutch, the public “not without merit.”

2015 In: 3.15 exposure Aurora Land Rover gearbox failure

in 2015 on the 3.15 evening, CCTV exposed Land Rover Aurora gearbox failure problems, more than the country met the owner gearbox failure, the situation can not shift, some Car owners to replace speed after the case the problem remains. According to reports, since the first half of 2014 Land Rover Will begin to receive complaints, but repeatedly shirk the Issue, “the driver’s own Car too anxious to cause the accident.”

follow-up event:

After being exposed party, Land Rover official made immediately in response, said that it has upgraded the gearbox in providing software for the relevant models, today, made a new Land Rover Aurora has been officially released, imports of Aurora owners of the old section Will only continue to endure or selling Cars out of the pit.

2020 years: after New York Hyundai Tucson oil increased recall appears power down

According to Car endoplasmic reticulum statIstics, from 2019 to the present, there are complaints about Tucson Cars have been rIsing, increasing focus on performance in the case of oil, to solve thIs problem, New York Hyundai in 2019In a statement Issued a recall on October 26, it recalled more than 400,000 new Tucson.

Event follow: Tucson recalled vehicles appeared weakened power, increased fuel consumption, as well as abnormal noIse jitter problems still exIst, Tucson and Kia KX5 the same section of the engine has also been a large number of complaints. In January 2020, some owners even went to New York Modern New York Shunyi factory Rights. Currently, manufacturers also did not give reply on related Issues.

Read the above these Cars rights cases, presumably then compare Zhengzhou female owner of the oil spill Is really trivial, now the degree of difficulty of social consumer rights protection depends entirely on manufacturers and dealers need to pay the cost, but to solve the problem of attitude should not come at the cost of computing, not more like the Mercedes-Benz event, “according to downtown assignment” and treatment, so the Car to protect the interests of consumers, but also areas for improvement there are many.