Car interior Is dirty, do not rub with a towel! I suggest that you do so, the car a new look

a lot of drivers have a good habit to clean the Car, usually something all right to the Car to a clean-up, Is good. But in the usual Car clean, most of the drivers have the choice of a towel to clean the Car, either the body or the Car interior, get a towel! In fact, it overlooked an important Issue, that Is not necessarily really clean towel! In particular, how do some of the Car interior seam of dust and other stains do? Faced with thIs problem, we have to dIscuss today one: how to properly clean the Car interior.

a Car leather seats

clean thIs site we all know, but! The first part of cleaning and maintenance Is another part of the. Maintenance Is not usually wipe with a wet towel on the line, but should be used to maintain a professional cleaning tools, Note: Be sure not to use our home cleaners, because the family cleaning agents are likely to dress our leather seats.

Second, the Car roof

Car roof we rarely clean it, most owners have thIs idea: after all, it Is at the top, even dirty impression not so obvious. wrong! Car roof after long-term use, it Is actually very dirty, usually do not pay attention to their own driving, watching habit. But others see a ride, you can see the stains on the ceiling, which Will give a bad impression. So the Car roof cleaning we have to pay attention. When cleaning, what Is best to use a vacuum cleaner, to remove surface dirt, then washed with a special liquid soil more concentrated, which Is very simple bar. By the way, remember to use a dry cloth to clean finIsh.

Third, the steering wheel

steering wheel Is that we have the most contact member, when the driving wheel tends to full leave hand, think Carefully still very dirty. Daily driving, you can often use wet wipes to wipe the steering wheel, or Is the choice of the Car with a cleaning agent to clean up, the effect Is good.

Fourth, the Carpet cleaning mats

Do not know if you heard heard these words: Cleanliness Carpet, owners often can be seen that person whether patriotic and clean! Because the Car Carpet itself with one Car, the Car Is the easiest part of the dirty, if the first officer had just entered the door, at the foot of Car mats filthy, and it also allows owners to not lose face. So do not lazy, Car mats have to flush it out periodically, usually prepared Car cleaners, so even if the debrIs at the seam, but also have “sucked out”.

Fifth, in addition to smell

Some Car owners are inside the Car, unpleasant odor Is really hard to describe, in addition to buy a new Car, there have been some odor outside the Car use a long time, mix the taste of cigarettes, perfume, sweat and all kinds of debrIs, people really “top” ah! So in addition to smell it all from the start routine, maintaining a good driving habits, usually more clean look just fine.

Sixth, clean the air conditioning vent

Automotive interior space Is relatively small, long-term use of Car air-conditioning during the summer, easy to breed a variety of bacteria, mold. So we also need to remember to clean the air outlet, some “little things” we can use the recent popularity of clean soft adhesive out, if the stain Is too difficult to clean up, then we Will use a professional cleaner.

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