Car in the end be able to run tens of thousands of kilometers? Volvo car has run five million kilometers

Now look at the Automotive sector, if a Car runs three to five one hundred thousand kilometers, enough to serve as walking brand “living ads.” For example, “one hundred thousand kilometers just too run-in period” of Toyota overbearing, such as “200,000 kilometers without overhaul” of the Camry, a lot of vehicles Is not without conditions, but Is limited by a number of scrapped regulations, but look abroad without restriction, have a Car not only ran five million km, still runs on the road.

It Is Volvo production P1800S. The Car has long been a “walking legend”, it Is possible to fame, in addition to the brilliant “mileage record” Is also inseparable from a person, Roger Moore. No Roger Moore, Volvo P1800’s reputation may be much better now because of hIs promotion of the Car in the BritIsh TV series, just let go P1800 audience Is familiar people.

As a two-seater sports Car, coupe than Some “concept Car” Is more dazzling, yard 4.4 meters, 1.7 meters wide vehicles, dimensions for the then SwedIsh Car prices, like the exIstence of “UFO”, after all, exaggerated body design and Scandinavian minimalIsm also there are some differences in style. Because built by Italian designer surgeon, full of “exotic.”

▲ Smith blue dashboard design, even in the moment Is Not out of date.

Diagram shows not bike hit a record of the Car, but a 1968 product, pearl white body and red interiors and Minilite wheels, regardless of shape or inside the three-point seat belts, have it outstanding and color.

Unfortunately, under the hood it Is not equipped with the then popular 6 or V12 engine cylinder, 4 cylinder 1.8L but/ A 100 hp B18 engine, in most cases, are able to respond freely, but the contrast coupe identity a bit less. Volvo Car high hopes for it as a “coupe” sales.

although some deficiencies in the Car on descent or power, but in reliability of invincible, so far holds the world record. Gordon hit by the Americans over 5 million kilometers mileage records, and model number also changed, according to models P1800S Is, in fact, Is the P1800 with a Car, but the new Volvo P1800S Is in factory production, increased a representative of Sweden (Sweden) letters S, to mark the new factory started production.

to create a legend has not ended and the end of the current Car Is still in service, and constantly refresh the record, the ultimate challenge mileage. As for how to build on thIs, so we’ll see!