Car: Hyundai Santa Fe, very quiet, low-key luxury, very comfortable seats!

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Car: Hyundai Santa Fe, very quiet, low-key luxury, very comfortable seats!

ChrIstmas and New Year holidays are the ideal time to try seven SUV – and the whole family on board enough luggage can be placed on a large household wagon. So modern Santa Fe, with the top of the Highlander decoration and diesel, have been put into use. Port Campbell in Victoria travel Shipwreck Coast, Santa Fe quiet and refined, although along the way some of the rough asphalt Is a modern comprehensive test ride quality. Although the Australians a lot of work on the suspension of the Santa Fe, Hyundai still do not feel on top of the black suit. There’s nothing wrong with turning a corner, but ride quality dIsturbing. Most passengers have complained that in the irregular and rough road driving too strong, but I also noticed after the ups and downs of the suspension at higher frequencies are damped – mostly on the highway surface.

but as a “sport” utility vehicle, Santa Fe provides a satIsfying driving experience. Once modern company committed to changing direction, it Will quickly into the corner and through the steering wheel to get considerable feedback level. Steering weight Is right most of the time, but at lower speeds feel unnatural. For thIs type of vehicle, the grip Is very commendable, and it Is stable in the straight. On the way, Santa Fe and in recent months to review the MitsubIshi Outlander did not face any challenge of climbing struggle struggling. Recently, Holden Captiva 7 also reviewed the traction modern Cars. For Santa Fe, the problem seems to be the 19-inch Hankook tires, it Is very quiet on the pitch, rather rough in the corners, but leaving rubber on the surface of a rock, even if the center differential Is locked.

Fe hoodDiesel engines under very quiet, 2000rpm until the red line provides sufficient torque. It still Is affected turbo lag from the start. In the Normal or ECO mode powertrain, the engine Will be reduced when the higher gear 1500rpm or less, thus exhausted, some vibration Is generated. On the highway, when the engine Is running at a speed of 1800rpm, NVH subject to some restrictions wind and road noIse. On rural roads coarse chips, a large tire noIse at lower speeds, but Is not particularly annoying.

around the first week of cities and towns, Santa Fe uses 12.9 liters / 100 km, but within a few days, the four families and adequate suitcase, open-road fuel consumption to 8.2. With lighter loads and driving environment more benign, Santa Fe Will be reduced to 7.0 or less. The engine Is connected to a six-speed Automatic transmIssion, the transmIssion can shift rapidly, but smoothly, and almost can intuitively select a shift downward manner – without manual intervention of the driver. And other Autopilot different, in Santa Fe Sport mode did well. Once you pull the lever to the left, even if the accelerator has been pressed to the firewall, the transmIssion Will not be reduced to a lower gear. However, once the engine has reached the red line, the transmIssion Will Automatically change.

enters and exits are provided by Santa Fe hip point of the vehicle, the point or slightly above Outlander Captiva 7. For adults, do not easily climb out of modern third-row seat. High soles, foot narrow space between the roof and the relatively low seat and the door jamb making it worth ‘TwIster’ challenge – the game, not the movie. The seat Is not original and the kind of overall support, but correctly lumbar adjustment and they are very comfortable, can be a three-hour trip immediately. Some would argue that the overall cabin design looks dated and / or picky, but I still like it, it’s actually between functionality, durability and charm went one way.

concept correct driving position supplemented by a simple control apparatus and layout, and easily recognizable. Infotainment system there Is a glitch, the next morning magically solvedThIs fault. Satellite navigation a bit weird; before you start route guidance, select the destination as well as an extra step. It makes me dIsappointed a few times. There Is enough space for luggage. If necessary, a second-row seat back flip lever. And additional nooks and crannies where the rest of the cabin Is further enhanced by the Santa Fe practicality. 12-volt outlet in the trunk facilitate an air compressor power. There Is another exit on the central fascia.

The second and third row seat passengers use the face vent cool. A child seat to the rear Car starts from the proximal preferably, the second row of single seats and forwardly inclined portion of the rest of the slide. Rearmost seat itself Is very easy to pull out from the floor. For the average adult height, the accommodation Is very tight. Highlander trimmed skylights to reduce the head space, unless the second-row passenger seat slides forward, otherwIse almost no knees. Of course, all of which are standard on seven SUV, Santa Fe and most people no different in thIs regard.

Santa Fe alloy wheels with a full size spare, accessible from below boots. ThIs means you do not have to uninstall boots theoretically to change planes. Santa Fe intelligent cruIse control Is a real asset. Simple, medium density even on the main road intersection of the traffic light control traffic as well. It can be configured to a shorter braking dIstance to stop cutting hopper lane on the highway, but it Will also ensure that you are less likely to be involved in the manufacture of their own nose to tail events. ThIs Is the Autonomous emergency braking where its probative value. In normal operation, active cruIse control system Will enable the vehicle in front of the rear lights of the vehicle to a complete stop.

Another driver assIstance system Is an Automatic parking system, which meet the specifications, it Is difficult to stop in front of the parked behind the HiLux tray serious parked multiply between vehicles. HiLux get clues from there, it has put the wheels in the proximal natural conditions, support to enter the Santa Fe, shaking dangerously close to the nose of the Toyota tray and complete the maneuver, transport and nose still behind the wheel hard to resIst proximal gutter. Santa Fe can not extricate themselves from thIs situation. However, since the conventional parked two Cars, the system Is running well.

between the Automatic parking system, reversing camera, large blind spot detection and useful outside mirror, Fe easily in a low speed driving. With the development of all the equipment, Santa Fe in reverse Will not encounter any rIsk of collIsion – although there Is between C and D pillars tiny windows and a sharp rIse in the waIstline. Overall, the Santa Fe Is still one of our favorite SUV, but need to rethink.

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