Car Guide: How to replace the hubcap and odometer calibration

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First, how to replace the hubcap

Car maintenance costs are rIsing every day. Thankfully, Car manufacturers have to make their repair become easier. One repair Is the replacement of the hub cap. Follow these simple step by step instructions to do it, you Will save a lot of time, and more importantly, save a lot of money.

First check what has hubcaps on your Car. You Will encounter three types: open and closed type, must be screwed on the type, and the flanged wheels connected to the wheel hub cap nut. If you’re not sure which type you have, because your hubcaps serious damage, so look at your tires. You do not have to worry about becoming a licensed mechanic to do it. Obviously you have the kind of hubcaps. If you have a simple switch, the only thing you need Is a screwdriver tool. The end of a flathead screwdriver placed below the edge of the hub cap and pry it. Next, bring your new wheel cover, and push it to the appropriate location. Fixing it firmly to some things without damaging the hub cap. Do not use a hammer.

If you have a hub cap screws as fasteners, you only need a screwdriver. ThIs process Is very simple. Simply unscrew the damaged wheel cover, remove it and replace with a new one. Then screw back in place and tighten. Removing the three most difficult Is the hub cover, the hub flange with wheel nut cap fastened to the wheel. To do thIs, you need a lug nut wrench. Before lug wrench on the nut, the nut ensure that no plastic cover. If they do, you have to put them off before continuing.

The next step Is a wrench placed on the first lug nut, and it began to loosen. ThIs may require considerable forcegas. After removing all the lug nuts and set aside, pry hubcap. What you do Is cover new wheel cover, and replace all of the flange nut. Not too tight. If you put them firmly on the wheel, they Will continue to work. Excessive tightening lug nuts Will make the next removal becomes more difficult when a flat tire.

Second, how to calibrate the odometer

Is a mechanical or electronic odometer device for measuring the life of the vehicle during its entire travel dIstance. ThIs Is a good way to measure a Car’s performance and see how long it can last, how effective it Is, and how often it Is used. ThIs Is also a method of monitoring your actual travel dIstance. Odometer, just like any measuring device, as you should always check the accuracy. While some stores may be a fee for precIse calibration of the odometer, but if you have the tools and know how to calibration, you can calibrate itself. Here are some how to calibrate your own Car odometer tips:

to check whether your odometer still accurate. You can drive on a straight flat road there Is a mile marker. Stopped a mile marker, write down your digital odometer reading on the Car and at mile marker. Drive your Car, stop in at the next mile marker. Write down your dIstance traveled, and note the reading on the odometer. Checking the difference between the odometer reading and the mile markers are the same or similar. If there Is a significant difference of at least +/- 3%, then you need to calibrate it.

to find your Car’s odometer. Also odometer and speedometer on the same instrument. If you are not familiar with the Car, it Is best to seek help from a mechanic. Removing odometer of your Car. Prior to thIs, dIsconnect the Car battery. Then Carefully removed from the instrument panel with a flathead screwdriver speedometer. Pull out the speed of time, make sure that no wires dIsconnected. Before dIsconnecting, Carefully check the connection, connect and remember the location of each wire to be able to open the instrument and view the odometer. Carefully open the instrument and separate odometer, be Careful not to damage the odometer pointer. For convenience, the work on a flat surface covered with a white cloth.

Will doTo adjust. Check the odometer gear, if worn, you can change a new one. Do not tamper with the odometer reading, because it Is illegal, it may damage the instrument. The odometer meter back cover, and reconnect it to the instrument panel. Connect the battery, start the Car. Check the accuracy of odometer again. Again driving a Car on a straight flat road, and checked using the mile markers repeatability. If the odometer readings and mile markers Is almost accurate, then you have successfully repaired and adjusted the odometer.

However, if there Is no improvement, then it’s time to take your Car to the repair shop for experts to fix it. If you have no experience in the Automotive odometer, be sure to consult an expert mechanic.

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