Car Guide: How to replace a radiator hose

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Is a problem radiator hose. In most cases, the problem Is leakage. Repair or replacement of damaged Automotive radiator hose Is relatively easy. Know how to do, you do not need to send somebody else to help you repair our Car. ThIs Will help you save up to hundreds of dollars. Step very simple replacement of radiator hose. Keep reading below to learn how to do thIs.

The following Is how to replace the step of Automotive radiator hoses:

Materials. Get all the material required for thIs purpose. You Will need to WD-40, a radiator hose, a screwdriver, a funnel, a drain bucket, antifreeze and a small utility knife. You can buy some of the materials you need from your local Car shop. You must make sure you buy the right type of radiator hoses for the Automobile you have. If you are unsure, ask for help to the Auto shop people.

preparation. Before you start driving your Car, make sure your Car engine Is turned off. To determine the location of the leak by measuring the position of the wet area on the ground. Before you begin to drive a Car, let the engine cool for at least half an hour. When you are waiting for the Car to cool down, the drainage of leaking barrels in place.

Remove old radiator hose. When the Car Is cold enough, you can begin to work. Pick up the screwdriver, loosen the hose. In some Cars, the radiator hose Is not easy to pull out. To do thIs, you may need to cut its connections. Be Careful when doing thIs. Install the new radiator hose. Get clamp the heat sink, and connected to a new tube. If you are difficult to connect, using the WD-40, sprayed and which you need to connect the end of the hose. Screwed tight with the hose and hose clamps. HoweverAfter half of the mixture of water and antifreeze filled radiators.

Test radiator hose. Open the engine and keep running. When doing thIs, close the radiator cap. Let it run until the engine warms up. Radiator hoses to check whether there are any leaks under the Car. Then, put the radiator cap. You have successfully replace the radiator hose.

The above Is how to replace the simple steps Car radiator hoses. Now, you can repair a hose without any human help. Just make sure to take the necessary precautions when driving, so you can avoid accidents.

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