Car Guide: How to install rear-view mirror

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Some of us sometimes encounter thIs situation, you reached for the rearview mirror to adjust the angle, it Will fall into your hands. Over time, our rearview mirror durable, no wonder we find it on the floor or Car seat. We use it to look out the rear window of a vehicle, reversing, or when they see a child in the back seat too quiet. Our rearview mirror equipped with air fresheners, cross, sunglasses and good luck talIsman. Bonding adhesive Is exposed in the rearview mirror of the biting cold winter air and the hot summer air, even if it Is on our Car. Follow these steps to re-install the rear-view mirror on the windshield Is quick and easy.

To replace the rear-view mirror, you need to buy accessory kit rearview mirror from a Car parts store. ThIs kit contains a binder and a cleaner, you Will need to mirror back onto the front windshield. The first step Is to thoroughly clean the area where the rear-view mirror. The use of unilateral razor scraped off the remaining glue from the window, wipe with a toolbox of detergent or alcohol. Let the area dry thoroughly. Next, remove the mounting plate from your rearview mirror. Take a small screwdriver, to release the mirror plate Is fixed to the mounting screw. A single-edged blade, the adhesive Is Carefully scraped off from the mounting plate. Wiping the entire plate with a detergent or alcohol, set aside to dry.

mirror accessory kit adhesive so difficult than it seems. With the index finger and thumb lightly pressing the tube, the vial Is broken. ThIs Will release binder were mixed, to activate them. Working quickly, such adhesive Is applied on the mounting plate, and pressed firmly on the windshield where you want the mirror. When the adhesive dry, you can use any tape to secure it in place. Once the adhesive was dried, you can be a mirror to the mounting plate. Remove the tape from the mounting plate, the mounting plate notches on the mirror, the mirror and the slide in place, screwedTighten the screws to complete the final step. You have now completed the re-installation of rear-view mirror.

hot summer Will mirror your Car even cause serious damage. Mirrors especially true if the adhesive paste used up mirror, mirror may fall. If such a thing happens to you, do not have any. ThIs Is not only very dangerous, but if you are pulled over, but also a very worthwhile offended. Replace the rear-view mirror Is an inexpensive, quick way. The whole process takes less than an hour to complete, you need to spend about $ 5 to $ 10. Here’s how the rear-view mirror back in place.

Your first step Is to go to a nearby Auto parts store to buy rearview mirror adhesive, which can be found in the toolbox. Next, if warmer outside, parked in a cool place. Over the temperature program from 50 to 65 degrees. If the glass Is too hot, the glue Will not work properly, your mirror Will fall off again. Wipe the inside of the windshield moIsture, to ensure the adhesive stick properly.

The next step Is removed from the mirror mirror mounting button. You need a wrench or a screwdriver to do thIs. Now you want to use a razor to scrape off the glue residue on the windshield. If thIs does not remove all the glue, then try rubbing alcohol or nail polIsh. Next, go outside the Car, with a washable crayon or marker to mark the position of the button. If you do, you Will achieve the correct placement of the button.

Is now open the installation toolkit time. Glue removed, opened with a knife or scIssors. Some of the adhesive to the mounting button pressed. Preferably coated with glue on the button. The buttons on the glass, aim where you marked on the outside of the windshield. It Will be firmly fixed in place one to two minutes. Before reinstalling the mirror, so the button for about 45 minutes, enough time for it to dry.

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