Car Guide: How to change the gearbox oil manual and automatic cars

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transmIssion oil required to lubricate and cool the transmIssion member. If you want your transmIssion last a long time, then you must be replaced periodically liquids and filters. Old, worn liquid does not work, much lower efficiency of filter clogging. The new liquid Is a bright red, old red liquid Is much deeper – almost black.

First, replace the gearbox oil Automatic Car

Many people want to know how often they should be changed once a transmIssion oil . And Automatic transmIssion oil filters should each with 15,000 to 30,000 miles (or every two years) replaced once, as part of a basic Automobile maintenance. Each filter and fluid replacement are important. Do not wait until the transmIssion begins to slip. Here Is how to replace the transmIssion oil. .

1 preparation: Car shop to buy the right liquid. Your owner’s manual should indicate the correct type of fluid for your Car. In addition, buy a new filter.

2. Tool. The following Is a lIst of all the tools that you should need:

floor jack: RaIse the Car, when you work the Car lifted up The drain pan: it must be large enough to accommodate at least five quarts of water Newspaper cleaning cloth 3 blocked tire, the emergency brake Is provided.

4. Remove the heat sink leads to a transmIssion cooling circuit. The tube was connected to the end of the pipeline, and the end of the pipe into the drainplate. Start the Car and let it idle twelve minutes. TransmIssion oil should flow from the cooling circuit, through the pipe into the drain pan. After stopping the flow of the fluid, immediately shut down the engine. RaIse the Car with a jack. Use jack, unless appropriate support, do not put any part of your body under the vehicle.

5. Now you need the drain pan. It Will be put in place at the bottom of the transmIssion dIsc. It Is aligned with the front portion of the transmIssion. The Newspaper Is placed beneath the drain pan to prevent spillage.

6. Remove all the fixing bolts in addition to the oil pan bolt, in order to replace the transmIssion oil in the bottom of the transmIssion. Finally, release the bolts. Only loosen them a few turns.

7. If the sump has not been lowered, use a flat screwdriver from the rest of the oil sump of the transmIssion. It should be tilted so that liquid may flow into the drain pan from the front end of the pot.

8. When the liquid stops flowing, taken after the last few bolts, and then the pot down. The remaining liquid was poured into a drain pan.

9. Remove the old gasket, any type of transmIssion oil pan thorough cleaning solvent. Let it dry in a clean place.

10 The filter Is removed from the transmIssion, and replace with a new filter to a new cleaning pad on the transmIssion dIsc and the dIsc on the bottom of the transmIssion. Inserting a bolt and tightened by hand. And then once with a wrench to tighten the bolts point. Tighten them as uniformly as possible, so as not to bend the transmIssion dIsc.

11 remove from the vehicle jack, and the appropriate amount of liquid added. Your owner’s manual should tell you how much to add – usually about 7 pints.

Now you can check your work. Start the engine and let it idle for several minutes. Is provided between the parking brake and gear shift, and then check the level during engine operation. If the level Is low, add a little time until the dipstick indicates the level sufficient.

Second, replacement of a manual transmIssion Car gearbox oil

moving part of the manual transmIssion Is much less, and more robust, but most manufacturers indicated that they still need every 30,000 miles (or every two years) change the oil. In other liquid a little easier than changing fluid in the Automotive Automatic transmIssion in your manual transmIssion. ThIs Is very similar to your Car an oil change. The following Is a method for replacing manual transmIssion oil:

In an open area once or twice a street Car, so as to heat the liquid.

2. With a good jack to lift your Car and support it with proper jacks.

3. The drain pan Is placed below the dIscharge transmIssion plug and the drain plug Is removed with a wrench. Should the liquid flowing into the drain pan. Be Careful, liquid hot! Once the liquid dIscharge stops, insert the plug back in place and firmly tighten.

4. The liquid may be added back to the transmIssion bit tricky. About half of the transmIssion side where there Is a plug. Remove it, and add fluid through the fill hole. You may not have enough space to install a quart bottle, so you may need to use another way to replenIsh fluids. Something that looks useful things small funnel, a syringe or specially designed pumps. After addition of the transmIssion oil, retighten the bolts.

5 Put down the Car, start the engine, drive around the block. Double check around the drain plug and filling plug leaks. If you do not find a transmIssion leak, he said he would do well.

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