Car Guide: How to assemble the brake caliper

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capabilities to the brake caliper Is important to stop your Car. They are the most basic of Automobile brake parts, so you need to be very Careful when assembling or replacement. If you know how to change them, you’ll save time and money. The following are how to assemble the caliper tips.

Replace the caliper. Loosening the flange nut on the tire, it can be found on the damaged brake caliper. ThIs Is very important for any type of brake replacement or repair. By elevator or lift jack your Car. Make sure that your Car Will not shift. In thIs case, the security holder Will help you.

the tire Is removed from the flange nut. To ensure that they are in a safe place, so as not to lose. The tire on the side, exposing the brake system of the vehicle. The drain pan on the bottom of the caliper. Then find the banjo bolt or simply bolts. Bolt brake hose to the caliper.

loosening the bolts. Locate and remove the bolts connecting the caliper to the wheel assembly. Let the brake fluid to flow drain pan. Corrosive liquid can not come into contact with your bare skin or any painted surface. Emptying caliper needs to be replaced. Determining a caliper half load or no load. If you are caliper half load, then you do not need to understand how to release the mounting portion of your original caliper.

mounting element to be replaced stripped caliper. It includes a brake caliper original slider, the bolt and the rubber sleeve. Test gear, to ensure that they do not have any twIst, damage, tearing and rust. Lubricate all necessary to dIsassemble the mounting member. All mounting member Is mounted on a new caliper.

After the replacement of the brake caliper mounting

Compression calipers livePlug. Ensure that the pIston Is fully compressed. It must be done by a special steering brake caliper device. Brake caliper compression Is the most effective way to get the Car salesperson or a professional Car mechanic diagnose them, because of the different brake calipers have completely different compression methods.

Replace the brake caliper end of the hose. Loosen the connection.

brake pads mounted on your new brake caliber. Before connecting to the wheel assembly, the bolt must be lubricated caliper. After installing a new caliper, re-adjust the brake hose, it properly in place and tighten the hollow bolt. To ensure that the master cylinder filled with a brake fluid, and the installation section of transparent conduit in the caliper of the dIscharge valve, so that the dIscharge air braking system. When you open caliper dIscharge valve, so that a person your brake pedal fully depressed, forcing brake fluid and other impurities such as bubbles into the tank, so that you can see. Repeat thIs process until the jar no bubbles appear. Then, before closing the purge valve, repeating the above steps, a person depresses the brake pedal again. Give your brake fluid to fill.

replacement tires, and the locking lug nuts on the support. Then your Car to the other side to do it. After completing the test brakes. Slowly drive a Car for testing.

When the replacement of the brake caliper, the brake member to check other. Make sure your brakes are effective and make a Car mechanic smooth your rotor. If you are unsure of your Auto mechanic skills, let a professional do the work, to avoid the rIsk.

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