Car: Ford Mustang, stylIsh look perfect, elegant and comfortable interiors!

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Car: Ford Mustang, stylIsh look perfect, elegant and comfortable interiors!

After a golden anniversary, it Is difficult to figure out how to celebrate the second year. But after seeing the Mustang to commemorate 50 years of production in 2015, Ford decided in 2016 not only Carried forward. Instead, it brought back some old favorites and new surprIses, to help keep everyone’s favorite little horse fresh. ThIs means that for the first time in ’67, the new Black Accent and the California Special package hood mounted turn signals, and GT Performance Kit can be used to ultimately convertible Car.

on Mustang, usually nothing new. In the past 50 years, it has been close to the original recipe, but now Mustang finally let go of the activities of the rear axle and upgraded its engine. Nevertheless, the Ford Mustang did not dare venture out of the formula, because it has achieved success years ago – the variety, performance and affordability. These days, it Is more real than ever before. With a long hood, short trunk and 2 + 2 seat, Mustang both big and small, beyond your expectations. The compact interior – especially the convertible model – to cover up the exterior looks a bit heavy on the road. But you Will push it into a corner and realized that it Is fully capable of handling its 3,800-pound curb weight gracefully.

Mustang’s “base” engine with five trim levels, Is actually respected V6 engine in a 300 + 30 hp and +After mpg few years ago it caused a sensation. These figures are slightly down, but it’s still a very impressive package, until recently hurt my son V8 Broncos. In addition, it has usually relegated to a higher trim level features. 17-inch alloy, Automatic xenon headlights and taillights LED, keyless entry and ignition, tilt and telescopic steering wheel, and MyKey parental control systems are standard.

If you want to try Mustang power turbine, EcoBoost accessories Will provide you with the front seats, unique 18-inch alloys, rear spoiler and LED fog lights. Here performance package Is a good choice, including a shorter drive, sport suspension and brake upgrade, the upgrade of the radiator, a steering motion, additional instruments and decorations, smooth trunk lid and wrapped with a summer tire the unique 19 inches wheels. It Is very tempting. If you want to really push the limits, you can add it here cloth ReCaros.

EcoBoost Premium Is Sync 3 Mustang debut in place, but there are other high-profile features. Ambient lighting, unique decor, leather upholstery, as well as Ford called “horse laser” (yes, I’m serious), show little sign Mustang on the ground near the vehicle at night. But EcoBoost Premium Is not a lack of feature upgrades, heated mirrors, rear diffuser, a variety of driving mode options, heated and ventilated seats, dual-zone Automatic climate control, as well as upgrades, 9 speaker infotainment system Sync 3, with 8 inches touch screen.

but to be honest. If you want to Mustang, you might want a V8. Yes, V6 Is an impressive engine, but with a turbocharged four-cylinder EcoBoost lighter, which means that it can be handled better. But Mustang V8 power Is on, and you have to go through Coyote V8 engine. However, if you go to the V8, then you Will lose EcoBoost Premium added to the advanced options, if you select 3, you can replace them with bigger engines, larger brakes, and power locks lines and emIssion control. Pedal version. There Is also a performance package adds Brembo brakes and Torsen limited slip differential, but you must upgrade to the GT Premium to get all the advantages of high-level quality.

Mustang for me in a week, I was lucky enough to get a convertible Car equipped with the new California Special Set – thIs Is the first time the option in 1968 . ThIs requires GT Premium, fastback or convertible, and adds unique cosmetic upgrades like 19-inch wheels, larger front splitter and rear spoiler, black trim along special badge on the glove box and CS threshold, temporary filler cap and support staff. With a special interior trim and door insert, minimally invasive and unique leather and decorated with contrast stitching. With Shaker stereo, CS suits and voice-activated navigation system upgrades, which makes the overall construction and shipping destination’s improved a lot.

Mustang rear axle of the activities of happier times long gone, and the 2016 Mustang just as capable in a straight line. Now you encounter a nimble, agile ponies, jump vertex from the vertex, confident ability. Electric power steering system direct and precIse, but in the end a little numb – one of the few dIsadvantages of processing sector. Yes, the Mustang feels a bit heavy. It’s EcoBoost decorative weighs less than 3,500 pounds, only 3,800 more than the weight of the device can be converted, but even if you are still aware of its exIstence, it can maintain balance.

Whether you choose horse, you have more than 300 horsepower, which means you have to reach 60 miles / hour in 6.5 seconds and V6, to V8’s time to be more than 4.5 seconds. When using EcoBoost, it Is expected to be completed within 6 seconds, rewarding although the V6 or V8 engine Is not as smooth or as acoustically. Adopt new four-cam V8 engine, peak horsepower and torque difference 2,200rpm, improved than the old engine 500 revolutions / minute, which means you can get more extra power to prove that good design Is not just made the biggest engine number.

That Is, the numbers are still impressive. V6 provides 300 horsepower and 280 lbs -Ft of torque, while still return 17 mpg city / 28 highway 6-speed manual / 21. Using a 6-speed Automatic transmIssion, you Will get 2 miles / gallon overall rating of 22 miles / gallon. EcoBoost 2.3 liter turbocharged 4 cylinder engine Will be 310 horsepower and 320 lbs – ft of torque to provide you with a better power upgrade using a hand pump on 21/32/25 22/31/26 or better shown Automatic. Use V8, you can really improve efficiency, although not as much as you may think. Its 435 horsepower and 400 lbs – ft of torque still provides a relatively impressive 15/25/19, these numbers even though I can not be achieved due to the joy of hIs right foot. I just thIs week the average over 16 miles / gallon, some personal travel Is the average return of the digit.

If you are looking for a small Carriage, it Is difficult to do better than the original Car. It has the look, feel and functionality provide the overall package. Recently things become a little expensive, but the taste of wild horses still exIst. Want a spacious rear seat and a lot of trunk space? Look elsewhere. ThIs Car Is fun. More importantly, it Is fun about accessibility. Direct precIse steering, clutch lightweight, easy engagement, pleasant manual transmIssion operation. Believe it or not, thIs seems to be a very good Car, teach others to drive. Anyone can jump into the Mustang, feel they know what they are doing. Even if you embark on broken pavement and those familiar with the rear end of the tension people know, the recovery Is still very easy.

sixth generation of Interior has improved, but there Is still a lot of plastic and poorly equipped to deal with. ThIs seems to be the curse of the Mustang, but in recent years the situation really improved. The seat Is very comfortable, even though the latter binoculars Is also a very good place, if you can go back there, you can spend a few miles. Particularly delightful Is the power convertible roof, which Is raIsed and lowered in about 8 seconds. ThIs year’s top products are some improvements – additional insulation, additional support bow and a new electric motor instead of a hydraulic mechanical components – which means convertible smoother, quieter and more efficient. With additional support bow, it actually allows the topDepartment more compactly stowed, nearly seven inches lower than the previous version, thIs Is a big upgrade vIsibility.

luggage storage Cars less than 13.5 cubic feet, although thIs Is still better than many sports Cars. Convertible worse performance at 11.4, but taking into account its rationality, thIs Is still an impressive performance. Turning radius Is not the best, but at 18.5 feet, it’s still enough for government work. Little nod to the hIstory of the Mustang Is the real work of reasons. Turn signal to retro-style instrument panel from the continuous, it Is full of Ford calls “traditional clue.” ThIs year, the turn signals are integrated into the hood scoop, although the driver can not see the right example, anyone than six feet can not see one on the left. But thIs year’s California Special AdminIstrative Region Is the traditional clue king, provide aesthetic enhancements, reminIscent of the hIstoric packaging, the real difference between the Mustang and open to subtle changes.

Technical never been Mustang strengths. Until 1986 it has been of oil, and still use horse and buggy with the same suspension design, until last year. But the Broncos have been making great strides into the 21st century, like the NIssan Versa slowly into a highway. ThIs year it includes Ford’s new infotainment system Sync 3. While previous MyFord Touch system Is designed by Microsoft, but it Is always flawed, slow and prone to crashing. We do not like these are in the Automotive industry adjectives. Sync 3 produced by Blackberry, functionally it Is a big upgrade. It’s faster, it does not crash, but the overall look Is almost complete. For those who can remember the 1990s, it seems there Is little design into the system, with boring colors and architectural elements reminIscent of Windows 3.1. Look deeper, there are some complaints to support thIs idea – font spacing problems so I believe thIs Is a busy job. It Is of course better, but it looks great, and the Mustang Is back.

The optional Shaker stereo feature provides clear sound, even from top to bottom, extra insulation means roadster and coupe almost as quiet as in the case of the top in place. A variety of driving modes mean you do not have to worry if you encounter rain, and the emIssion control lines and electric locks provide some technical help to get the best of 0-60 times. Larger screen infotainment system after the upgrade Is a very good improvement, Track Apps program Is an interesting inclusion, allows you to track 0-60 and quarter mile time, launch time, G force and braking dIstance .

If you think you need to sacrifice security to improve the speed, you can not go wrong. Standard anti-lock brakes, traction and stability control and full airbag system helps Highest Rating National Highway Traffic Safety AdminIstration’s five-star safety rating for wild horses, as well as the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. If you are using Premium Mustang, you can also add adaptive cruIse control, blind-spot monitoring with cross alarm system and a forward collIsion warning system. All Mustang can add an optional front and rear parking sensors, to prevent you cut separator. Despite its circumference, Mustang may be 60 miles / hour to stop within a dIstance of only 108 feet, even for thIs part too, and the motion of the tire EcoBoost Mustang lighter curb weight and should be better.