Car finance leases platform PK: more than competitive online

In recent years, a good car, including peanuts, soybeans new car, a car bomb and other platforms, including to car finance leases at the core selling point of the new car retail platforms have emerged, gradually became popular rental model car financing market. Its low threshold of 1 percent down payment, the length of time financial solutions and flexible features, for those new residents in first-tier cities and town youth have a strong demand for cars but funds are not well-off, it is very attractive.

For the consumer, if required by car finance leasing model car, first to fly correctly select the appropriate platform. So, car finance leases strong platform for Which? This article will compare to the previous three domestic car finance leases measured platform for consumers to find the most appropriate channels to buy a car.

Online Competition: clarity of product promotion varying

consumers to finance car lease car, the first step is usually selected by online car finance leases platform . Presented on-line connection, a good car peanuts, soybeans new car, a car bomb three platforms have their own characteristics, although both belong to car finance leases mode, but gives the consumer experience feelings but the difference is not small.

First, peanut good car, it shows online long stage in the main advantages of the repayment period up to 60. But in the propaganda official website peanut good car shouted “the country’s largest automotive retail regular chain brand”, and Article IX of the new “Advertising Law” does not allow the use of the largest, best, top, world-class, global level, alone 2. Need for a no first brand and so on absolute terms, peanut good car so advertised appropriateness open to question. Another new car network main push soybean platform customization finance scheme, the official website of “new car down payment of 3,000 yuan,” the slogan is very conspicuous. However, after entering the mobile phone network app discovery of new cars soybeans, the first screen provides a “down payment of 3,000 yuan,” the economic means of the list, of which only 1 car models – standard “down payment less than 3,000 yuan,” the. In addition, the phrase slogan for the car rental car finance core problem is not clearly expressed, in fact, car rental car financing mode, belong to the first year of the lease period, ownership of the vehicle is still platform, use the “new car down payment of 3,000 yuan” This a statement blurred ownership issues, misleading the consumer.

in this regard, a car bomb introduce clearer, consumers can solve SteamProblem concerns finance lease car model. A car bomb in APP and its Lynx flagship product page for car finance leases product introduction and key considerations are clearly introduced, to remind consumers to bomb a finance lease vehicles lease term on a platform car platform owned by all parties after the expiry of the lease term, the completion of consumers to pay the balance due, will be able to take ownership of the vehicle from the platform. Also, a car bomb in a car platform to facilitate the qualification review process usually results in 5 minutes; car finance program is also very flexible, after paying the rent down payment balance due repayment time limit of up to 48 months, consumers can first after the end of the lease period of years, after the payment of the balance due in advance to obtain ownership of the vehicle, consumers have a longer amortization period and more options, highlight the advantages of online services.

From the perspective of the line, the peanut and soybean good car show car online presence in terms exaggerated and inaccurate statements and other issues, a car bomb in the propaganda not only pragmatic rigorous, clear and transparent, the show the online service capabilities and more reliable.

at winning line: national service network layout to bring differentiated services to undertake capacity

fight a lot CEO Huang Zheng has said, the platform should be paying more attention on service users, “attention should be run and how to better serve customers.” car finance leases as a new retail model car, is not a simple purchase process will move from line to line, but the line convenient under mention car models and car lines quickly experience combine to bring a new car experience. So, which one is better car finance leases platform, in addition to wrestling online, but also customer service capabilities Competition at important lines.

As an industry pioneer, a car bomb continued to fall through the community experience store model, the rapid expansion of a nationwide sales and service network will be closely integrated online and offline community store, to provide users with online and offline integration service. Relying on this model, a car bomb successfully create an integrated sales and service system combined online and offline, build a better system of trading and distribution of ecological car.

practical experience in the

line, it is possible to feel out the obvious professionalism a car bomb store staff. In the process of a car bomb and talk to the store staff, workers and consumers repeatedly confirmed that “a car bomb rent-to-buy” model features, and a detailed description of a car bomb car buying process and transfer thingsIt should be like.

In addition to the service, the number of stores layout data is reflected in one of the most intuitive internet line capacity. The author investigates the service capacity of the three platforms at Qingdao, soybeans car network only has one store in Licang District in Qingdao City area, away from the bustling residential and work areas, and does not mark a contact telephone number, then dial soybeans official after telephone inquiries store information, staff reply given is “to feedback after verification,” but the past two days without any feedback. Peanut good car at only one store in Qingdao, has closed shop in the state, at a conspicuous place close to the “Yoshifusa rent” on the door.

a car bomb in the northern city there are stores under multiple lines Wanda, People Road, Left Bank style stores, and on Apple map, high moral map are marked work phone in informing want to store detailed consultation later, a car bomb store staff volunteered to be the consumer’s location, shuttle bus.

found a large red car Yao Jun, founder and CEO has said, “Through digital means to the line supply chain to the wire to achieve synergy and collaboration online and offline, will bring better for the automotive industry future prospects. “Ma had also mentioned that in the future there is no” pure electricity supplier “living space, new retail formats in the future must be a combination of online and offline. This year also encountered epidemic forced innovation, accelerate the changeover to digital technology, making the line, the line to keep pace with the development of the concept more deeply.

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