Car examined Why not cancel? 2020 new regulations, places friend was delighted!

examined Why the Car Is not canceled? 2020 new regulations, places friend was delighted!

Car Is a very common means of transport, the Car not only brought us a lot of convenience, but also brought a lot of pressure on the roads. As more and more vehicles, the Car has become the standard hIstory. Now drive out also represents the people’s social status. For many owners, the arrival of the Car, but also more and more trouble, such as annual vehicle per year. Seemingly simple question, but people have a lot of trouble? Why can not cancel the annual Car? 2020 annual introduction of new rules in different places friend very happy.

Car for the driver Is a very simple matter, as long as you can get a driver’s license driving down the road, but for the Car examined each year can be said to be the owner of a very inconvenience. Also made a lot of drivers are helpless. For many drivers, the Cars are a lot of private Cars, Will certainly be timely maintenance and repair, Car out of the question, he got the idea than anyone else. Automotive Is also the national agency Issued the certificate. Car really necessary to have it examined every year?

a lot of friends that are very familiar for Automobile construction vehicles, in general, as long as the Car appeared a little wrong, Will timely maintenance and maintenance, after all, who does not want hIs Car any problems. If the Car had a problem and also about their lives, so everyone Will be very motivated to Carry out Care and maintenance for the Car. If examined, it really Is a waste of everyone’s time and effort. In fact, many people think so, annual inspection Is simply a time-consuming and expensive a project, a lot of people want to cancel the annual inspection. But for those who do not know the Car Is. Really need inspection, because only when the annual inspection in order to check out the Car and timely aging parts. Car and emerging Issues.

Therefore, here to remind you, if you just bought a new Car can enjoy a six-year exemption treatment. But not to say that does not need to go to the Vehicle AdminIstration to connect, but every two years to go to the Vehicle AdminIstration a new inspection sticker collection. OtherwIse, the Car Will be sentenced to be ineligible, so we must remember that six yearsThe exemption Is not to say do not go to the Vehicle AdminIstration six-year period. It must be clear. Vehicle inspection are Carried out in different places in 2020. Also received the new regulations, thIs News for a lot of different places that it can be regarded as good News. ThIs Will eliminate a majority of the owners of the time. Even not a place can also be Carried out in that place the annual inspection, so that everyone Is very happy, for every year you see how you can cancel in the comments below, the exchange, like the last small series of concerns small series.