Car dirty, customer service Is not online sharing Tucao car into a “dIsaster area”

Chengdu Car share has grown to a certain size, the public gradually recognized thIs new way to travel, these parked on the roadside, Car stickers and body close to a variety of two-dimensional code the Car who claimed to be pulled out cell phones provided to open the door, run out of the Car to pay-go experience.

in the end how the

Car sharing service experience? Recently, Chengdu in the current floor of Car-sharing platform, cover the News Reporters selected relatively well-known Panda Car, passers-song, gofun, evCard were in fact road experience. Throughout the experience, the Reporter found that Car sharing in solving travel problems, a lot of problems, which the Car dirty and messy, customer service could not get through, become unreasonable deductions user who Tucao a “dIsaster area” .

trough point 1: Shared Car Is not in place to clean up the Car are frequent residual garbage

Of the four Car-sharing Reporter experience, they regIstration way, the certification process, using much the same way, although the amount of the deposit and pay differently, but can be used properly and hit the road after the driver’s license and real-name authentication.

main city electric Car sharing rental Gofun currently in Chengdu put a larger number of media buildings in Sichuan, Reporters open GOFUNApp, find the nearest one parked and not in use Car model Chery EQ, follow the steps to open the door to reach the place, the whole Car was filled with a smoky taste, and on the seat, under-vehicle gap are everywhere benches and other junk, which Is obviously Is not on a clean-up after the passengers use the results.

correspondent observed, although the Car there was a clear “no smoking” and “Please feel free to take away the garbage” and other marks, but did not have much effect, Reporters in the Car after you are finIshed, also appeared in the case of systemic itching.

Is not only Gofun, Car sharing dirty and messy but also in other Cars appear frequently, often using a shared Car trip Leung told Reporters, “Some drivers can not stand in the Car smoking, cigarette butts littered everywhere, I suggest, need to share the Car regularly sent to do cleaning, can be consideredIs to give the user a good driving experience. “And compared to the cleanliness of the Car, on the condition Leung more worried,” explained Car Is not clean enough for vehicle management, in thIs situation, how to ensure the Car Is trouble-free operation ? “

Reporters compared the vehicles of other brands of Car sharing, not difficult to find Car-sharing experience good or bad to some extent determined by the quality of the user on a , but Car-sharing regular cleaning and maintenance Is the major platform for the most important Issue to be solved

trough point 2: customer service could not get through problems are not solved in time

in addition to hardware, the new energy Car sharing vehicle platforms Panda appeared online customer service Is not the case.

Reporters in the experience with Panda Car found after login account SMS verification required, but the Reporter’s phone has not received a verification code to sign. excludes operators question, Reporters call the customer service phone, try six times has not turned on, and ultimately unable to use normal Car.

in the hope of a Car parking spots, just End the use of Car-sharing public Zhang told Reporters, in hIs use of Car-sharing process also encountered the situation of the customer service Is not online, “more than friends around me are using a shared Car, in addition to daily commuting, as well as weekend excursions travel, the cost of a good deal, but have problems call the customer service phone, not the operating procedure Is complicated, wait a long time, Is no answer, finally problems are not solved in time, but also delay the trip. “

3 point groove: unexpected problems unnecessary portion of the platform Is not refundable fees

In the Car-sharing unexpected problems during use inevitable, Reporters when browsing the comments area found that many users have had similar experiences, such as lack of new energy vehicles broke down halfway electricity, fuel refueling vehicle refueling Card Is lost reimbursement process cumbersome, accident or not the process of moving violations solve the lack of cell phone battery can not reach the destination settlement.

Reporters found in experience, do not provide phone charging interface for most of the Car-sharing, and shared use of a Car depends mobile phone operation Will inevitably lead to the end of the trip FLAC authoritiesMachine case can not be settled, that if the extra costs generated how to deal with, who Is responsible Reporter on thIs Issue were to call the customer service phone several platforms, has been corresponding answer the following:?

Gofun: if a similar problem occurs, the user can call the customer service phone, staff verified by positioning, remote help settlement.

EvCard: call the customer service phone, if the Car has been returned to the shared network, did not use it again, staff Will verify the return costs more than produced.

way song: There are two solutions, one Is settled wait staff to the parking location verification; the second Is to wait for settlement after the phone Is switched on their own, however, these two kinds of solutions shows that the cost of the process and solve the problem but did not use Car-sharing in the additional needs arIsing users themselves.

Panda Car: the way the song with a similar solution, but customer service repeatedly reminded, want users to use the Car in front to protect the mobile phone Is fully charged and with a good charging equipment.

In addition, as a way to share Car brand song no fixed parking requirements of the position, Reporters found in the Car park after a user generated if the parking fee Is required to pay, though the official said that it would grant equal to the user based on the situation of the vehicle parked “money way” as a deduction shall be compensated. But there are also users reflect, sometimes parking adminIstrator would not necessarily think that the next Car Will pay, so there Will be an unnecessary expense and hassle.

Car sharing has been everywhere in Chengdu, in the case of favorable policies and users come to accept, no matter what kind of travel patterns, are facing severe “user experience test” how to solve the above problem? allow users to not only pay for the trip, but also to pay for the service, but also on the efforts of the major platforms.