Car dented front bumper cover with boiling water, you can go fix

when their Car crashed mood Is very depressed, do not make life difficult for the heart to repair, to repair make life difficult for the money. Like Knocked altogether they can be repaired. And very simple to use 100-degree boiling water on it. Perhaps you do not believe, but it really Is possible.

has a metal housing and a vehicle synthetic plastic, the front bumper cover and a vehicle rear safety cover Is generally of plastic. Plastics have encountered heat softened, so that a hit recessed out of the top may be heated in accordance with the principle.

First, we need to burn a vat of hot water, hot water Will then go to the place concave spoon adding water heating.

The heating process Is long with hot water. Due to the concave piece of plastic Is heated to a certain extent Will soften in order to achieve the desired effect.

After the plastic Is heated to a certain extent, where the hood from above. Push it by hand, until the piece recessed recovery prominent place on it.

But if you still feel hard top does not come out, then heated to prove that you have not put in place. Also it requires a lot of hot water to heat.

Finally, when you see that a concave already recovered the mood Is not very pleasant. With their own labor to create a miracle, to earn a good mood but also eliminates the cost was repairing a Car.

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