Car color three colors can not vote, or else you’ll be sorry!

U.S.’s Auto market Is now more and more prosperous, and has become the world’s first Automobile sales power, many Car companies have launched their own new models in the United States, the Car kind of rich and varied. So rich models, naturally with many different body colors to meet the needs of different owners. But when it comes to the color of the body, Xiao Bian say to you, choose your favorite Car color Is not good, there Is a luxurious, three colors can not vote, or else you’ll be sorry!

1, white metal. ThIs color Is very popular now, many young people Will choose to look more stylIsh atmosphere, not simply out of date. But the color also has some drawbacks, the first choice of many people in the street grasping a lot, did not feature. Second, the color Is not good touch-up painting, if you encounter scratches up painting at the time, if the repairman technology Is not in place, it Is likely repairer color, it Will affect the overall appearance.

2, pearl paint. Pearl paint, also known as mica paint, we call it more of navy blue. ThIs paint looks very beautiful, but we Will find the streets of thIs little Car paint, thIs paint because some do not have a garage. If you accidentally scratch, basically only go up painting 4S shop, so it takes a lot higher. Secondly, thIs paint touch-up painting, but quite difficult, basically, the general repair shop do not necessarily give you repair intact. Also, such paint Is not to be seen on the second-hand Automobile market, which Is Why many people do not choose.

3, soul moving red. LIsten to the name of thIs color Will know how bright the soul of thIs dynamic red color, the sun shining very eye-catching, very attractive to the eye, a sense of quality Is also high. However, thIs paint repair equally difficult, to be more difficult than the above two, once the scratches, repair costs much higher than ordinary paint, Car paint Also, such a reputation has been not very good, Is often dubbed “Little Three Car”, or Careful when choosing it!

Therefore, when buying a Car although mainly depends on personal preference, but in terms of paint, or to consider other aspects of post-maintenance, do not regret it later, etc. , did more harm than good!