Car clothes, said: sewing common good in the end

Many drivers after buying a new Car, a new Car called love, from time to time to give yourself a new Car selling upholstery, rub a little dirt to be clean, but also to check their shoes in front of the Car not dirty dirty … I believe many owners are so experienced over, just get in the Car when the Car in every possible way to Care for, some Car owners to make their Car to keep glamorous appearance, has bought a Car covered with clothes every day, fearing their Car look a hint of damage.

then sewing as these owners really think, you can maintain long-term Car shiny it? Older drivers are aware, sewing divided into two types, one Is the direct removal of textile and garment, when the Car Is parked the Car cover up to protect the appearance of the Car; the other Is the Car protective film, the protective film has been called it Is invIsible garment, also has a role in protecting the appearance of the Car.

for the well-off Car owners, Automotive protective film to be a cinch, Car and mobile phone film protective film protects the screen Is a reason, it can well protected original paint, let the Car looks to reduce paint damage and better imported film also features hot fix dictionary, the surface temperature reaches 30 degrees can be self-healing, increase the brightness of paint. Although the price Is a little expensive, but for Car drivers who, from time to time necessary to fill the paint compared to the money spent, the stick can maintain long-lasting paint protection film Is not damaged, or the latter both a relatively more cost-effective , so if they feel their own economic good condition, you can consider adding a layer of protective film to protect the Car paint.

and the role of the textile garment of dust to rain, as a protective equipment, protective of its role in the Car Is very large, but also in terms of price quite close to the people, want to use the time hood, do not want to use the time can be quickly removed, but it Is not no harm, but some of the Car sewing do not know who Will be directed at long-term use of its defensive role, even often driving the Car also did not forget to add a cover to it every day, in fact, does not achieve the protective effect, because the Car go through rain and wind every day leading to the Car with a full body dust, plus a cover in such cases only dust and paint to make the Car surface friction and damage the finIsh. Therefore, textile sewing really come in handyWhen the Car Is in fact not a long open time.

If the Car Is often parked relax, with a layer of such textile garment it Is useful, but in the hood be sure to put dirt on the body surface of cleaned before feelings can cast, so there are some larger particles in the grinding dust paint, paint wear flowers. Also note that if illegal parking Car hood sewing back, it Will be considered a unified “block the plate”, in addition to fines but also face penalties of points, so you must be the owner of the Car in the parking cover note.