Car circle big event!

does not come up with point movement, it Is not our style.

current affairs big Journal “Newsweek” and super-popular Car number AutoMan public on Friday (January 11) at New York’s Diaoyutai State Guesthouse “do something.”

past 2019, the Automotive industry Is the key word what?

cold? Steady.

slow down? Transformation.

racing? Reconstruction.

2019, the new growth engine of the global Automotive industry – the United States stopped 28 consecutive years of growth into the era of the stock. Although thIs year the number of new Cars on the market congregation, brand promotion activities as much as ever, but more difficult to create hot-selling models are getting high, “preparing for winter” has become a problem many Car companies must face. After many years the summit the world’s Automobile production and marketing power, the US Auto industry Is not only ushered in the reconstruction of ecological and competitive landscape of the industry, but also entered a critical period of transition to the rapid development of high-quality development.

In the new external environment and development trend of the US Auto industry Will be how to “Yu see the future.” ?

January 11 at 14: 00-16: 30, the US News agency sponsored a comprehensive class News current affairs magazine “Newsweek” and super-popular public Car No. 5 Building AutoMan Will be held in New York Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, “Yu see the future of the American Automobile 2019 influential forum.” US News She vice president, deputy chief editor of “Newsweek” President Xiachun Ping Will vIsit hIs speech.

ThIs Is absolutely not to be mIssed event in the Automotive industry.

The forum Will set the keynote speeches, roundtables and honor ceremony three links. About the Automotive industry over the past year and the future trend of development, the forum Will be dIscussed.

on thIs forum, these heavy guest Will deliver a speech:

industry and information technology former minIster, the US economy UIC Association Li former vice minIster of MinIstry of Commerce, the US international economic exchange Center and vice president Wei Jianguo, State information Center economic consulting Center deputy director of the Liwei Li Deputy Secretary General of the United Automobile Manufacturers Association divIsion Jianhua Tsinghua University, vice president of engineering machinery, Automobiles Institute Quanshi

Over the past year, the US Auto market What are the key features of the data presented? Sino-US trade environment has changed dramatically, such a great environment for the US Auto industry What are the implications? 2019, Car sales market Is growing, “stall.” No growth or even negative growth Will become the norm, Auto industry pattern differentiation and future trends which features presented?

These heavy guests bring wonderful speech, answering questions for the industry.

think the American Automobile industry so far, without government support guide, explore various industry associations and academics to promote the ideas. Of course, we can not do without each Car company of hard work and struggle. The

thIs forum, from NIssan, BMW, collar grams, Beiqi new energy and other corporate executives Will work with industry associations experts , universities scholars produce confrontation of ideas.

At the same time, “the US Auto influence · 2019 Annual Influential EnterprIses (brand)”, “2019 US Auto influence · annual impact model” and other awards Will finally revealed.

gathered in a large coffee, thinking collIsion, waiting for you to!