Car cheaper, Why buy a car people have less and less reason too cut to the heart

Cars getting cheaper, Why buy a Car people have less and less reason too cut to the heart

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with the social and technological progress now, there are a lot of people in a Car as a daily means of transport to travel it, and with people’s lives increasing the level, the demand for Cars Is more and more widely, so now the Car industry Is very hot, but with the growing popularity of the Car, the price of many high-performance vehicles also dropped lower and lower, according to the truth Is concerned, many people are able to afford to buy a Car, but now the Auto industry does appear to be a vicious circle, that though the price of the Car in constant decline, people buy a Car but it Is less and less , then I know that the reason Is very cut to the heart.

In fact, speaking outlook for the Auto industry now Is very impressive, after all, there are a lot of people have thIs need, a lot of people in order to facilitate travel Is an alternative to buying one, but the reality Is the opposite of, although many people have thIs requirement, but many people prefer to buy an electric Car are reluctant to buy a Car, which Is Why it? Speaking of reasons, after lIstening to you Will feel very cut to the heart, people can not help but lament thIs Is the reality. The first and most important point Is that the impact of the country’s six policy in the last year after the policy has been a mass of swirling.

and in the country six originally planned on-line thIs year Is suddenly delayed, which affected a lot of people plan to buy a Car, for six countries not implemented it seems people say that all the people are watching, although now leads the Car in constant prices, but people are afraid to start to buy, so that now the Auto industry downturn and the National six have a great relationship, another Is the rIsing price of oil, and all the recent oil prices are constantly rIsing, the doors are in the burn time, many owners are very heartache, if usually not very far away, then are they not want to drive, too fee of oil.

Although funds for the relatively well-off people in terms of not very important thing, but for those funds ratioThe more nervous people are more upset, especially often need to drive out people who run even more so, sometimes you run a trip Is not enough oil money plus a month just come on down and Is spending a small fortune , so many people driving the most difficult thing. In addition to refueling a Car there Is a sum of the cost of maintenance expenses, including things like Auto insurance, etc., for a person to drive both in terms of a very large sum of expenses, a lot of people make in a state of the state could not afford afford.

Another Is a road traffic jam, I believe many people are driving experienced traffic jams, especially in the word some large cities to work every day have to face traffic jams case, thIs time hIs mood Is very afraid Zaoxin, while the United States Is now more and more people, but as people’s living standards continue to improve, more and more people buy Cars, causing traffic problems, also more and more serious, in order to solve thIs problem many cities also joined plate lottery and auction of such means, for novice drivers license plates yet speaking, some people also essentially rejected the demand, so thIs Is the cause one of the reasons the Auto industry downturn.

In a development which Is now the traffic Is more convenient, and in which people’s daily travel, many people choose to take the subway, travel more convenient but also relatively affordable, and Will not delay for a long time, and many of the family Car also Will choose to take the subway, if the Car stuck in traffic or parking spaces not, then their feelings can be very bad. And now the social pressure Is very large, a lot of people are after buying a Car economy Will fall into a period of tension, so buy a Car or buy only after comprehensive consideration, and even bring the Car after buying the range of Issues Is one of the most terrible problem.