Car Care 14: You have not heard the engine trajectory correction

Cars become more and more common, the owner hard savings to buy a Car, using them Is your Care, let the fear of the Car when maintenance “eat” Is not good, but because of the maintenance of the Car lack of knowledge of some of the astronomical maintenance projects have doubt, Is very tangled, Mike some time ago to maintain their SUV, there are staff recommended engine trajectory correction, the name on the tall, Alan Will not dare to refuse, Xiao Bian give advice in the end how kind of effect?

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name on the tall, natural staff certainly strong evidence presented, Xiao Bian also chops it online explained as follows:

“engine operation to a certain mileage pIston Will be minimal deviation wear phenomenon, under microscopic pIston Is crooked, the Card with up and down strokes in the cylinder liner inside, resulting in lack of engine power , increased noIse, increased fuel consumption, burning oil and so on, so the engine needs to be done on a regular basIs ballIstics correction. “(taken from the network to explain)

” ballIstics correction techniques with a group, with a model new Car, there are differences in fuel consumption, power, noIse, the main reason Is due to the trajectory of each pIston of the engine Is different, i.e., the axIs of the pIston of each vehicle and the axIs of the cylinder liner coincidence degree are different, i.e. He said central axIs of each vehicle in the axIs of the pIston and cylinder liner has a deviation. thIs deviation GB Is allowed, but with the use of engine wear, thIs deviation Will increase until decreased engine power, increased fuel consumption, early a major overhaul. ” Taken from the network to explain)

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trajectory correction engine Is how it maintained? Very simple, the ballIstics engine repair solution after heating directly into the engine oil, and then run fifteen to twenty minutes later, oil changes! Repair Is completed! ! !

engine maintenance up trajectory correction Is no problem, the above statement sounds really Is not anything wrong. But for manufacturing materials of the engine Is silent, feeling exaggerated the harm I do not know how many times! There are cheaper Car you have, because of the different manufacturing processes, good or bad, of course, with the engine design and materials related! Engine materials and processes ordinary CarTalk to the same requirements as a luxury Car engine do? Of course, a common-sense problem Is mechanical wear of the pIston inside the engine cylinder wall, the liquid can not repair the axIs external force under? Xiao Bian feel a bit weird! Ironically, small series introduced with the customer, a commercial vehicle maintenance every have to do, pull sixty thousand kilometers cylinder engine problem Is still there, Is not only embarrassing, customer complaints are small ……

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so small advice, if economic conditions permit, you can do about ballIstics correction, if an ordinary Car, or save those maintenance costs add some good gasoline now! More than just a personal point of view!