Car: BMW Why so optimIstic about the electric car?

[Car: BMW Why so bullIsh on electric vehicles]

Lead: With General Motors and Tesla competitive and affordable electric Car remote, Germany luxury brands have been busy adding plug for the consumers of high-end Cars. We saw the Mercedes S-Class and the Audi A3 plug-in hybrids, but BMW has achieved greater success in the launch of X5 xDrive40e aspect, X5 xDrive40e Is an electric utility vehicle, below the price of high-end Cars ten former buyers to enter the US market.

ThIs shift occurred in the more expensive, more unique after BMW i8, defeated practical electric Cars and expensive, so do the price close to $ 130,000.

BMW electric Car sales driven by incentives and the European release of new models, BMW Management notes that the surge in its latest sales report. Dr. Carmakers Management Board member Ian Robertson said the 2 series, 3-series and 7-series models of the new plug-in production has been “sold out thIs year,” and said the company soon Will “respond” to demand higher yields may be .

booming European market Will be the place to start. According to July data, 3 Series sales in the Netherlands 43% for plug-330e. In Scandinavia, the number of electrified 2 series models Is 45% or even higher. BMW longest dIstance from the EV, the US sales data also dIsappointing.

BMW electric Car in July 2016, reached a peak in the US market, with sales of 1,479 high-I3 July 2016 before the United States, BMW crushed (814) and showed a nearly 50% increase over last year. Given the long dIstance with a 2019 Car models of the upcoming (114 miles) version of the arrival of the surprIsing jump. At the same time, X5 xDrive40e (649) and i8 (166) of the sales of close to 2016 highs, and the new 330e (81) also reached an optimum level.

Although you can expect the dealer incentives played a role in the surge in the i3, but the plug-in hybrid brand’s appeal seems to be old-fashioned Bimmer needs. In Europe, especially in Germany, the government has recently taken a generous incentives, you can point to more attractive pricing are in long-dIstance i3 new Car buyers are so popular. German subsidy cut about US $ 4,400 sticker price.

ThIs success has even prompted BMW to its information back to the main TV advertIsing, which for electric Car manufacturers Is unusual. In the broadcast advertIsing during the Olympic Games, BMW 330e shown as “You’ve been waiting for the Car,” which Is a thin veil Tesla Model 3 production plan.

Perhaps publicity and a variety of plug-in options, BMW now have five different models in the US market, along with the uncertainty of consumer electric vehicles Will make a difference. When i3 reaches 114 miles, it Will be beyond the widest scope Tesla models. Its success should tell us more valuable to seek alternatives to natural gas in 2016.

Summary: All in all, BMW’s electric Car sales better than expected, making it the Carmaker views on the technology than ever before They are more optimIstic. With the 3 Series and 7 Series plug into the United States and i3 longer dIstances, the Car manufacturers seem likely to achieve higher productivity plug-ins.