Car beauty school to learn how long?

Car beauty believe we are very familiar, small Car washing, polIshing and waxing sealing glaze and then to belong to the category of Automotive beauty, more Careful friends may be able to find that, in recent years, street Car beauty shop more slowly, and some even have a Car beauty Street, in addition to high-end Car beauty services are increasingly active. Behind the prosperity of Automotive beauty industry fundamental reason Is that our country’s rapid growth in Car ownership, people’s living standards are improving, in addition to being a means of transport other than Cars, more importantly, it Is a symbol to express individuality and identity. Automotive beauty industry boom has also spawned the development of Automotive beauty training industry, who want to work in thIs industry friends, many things are unfamiliar, and we talk today to learn how long it takes to learn Car beauty.

Car beauty school to learn how long?

to know how long you want to learn Car beauty First, we need to learn to understand the need to learn some Automotive beauty in the end what?

one in our minds, there are Car beauty Car wash, polIshing, waxing, sealing the glaze, but from a professional point of view, Car also includes the following aspects:

a, Car:

1 main control sperm washing Automobiles, engine cleaning, interior cleaning

2. Automotive interior dIsinfection, ozone dIsinfection Car sauna

3. conservation of paint, wax sealed glaze, coating

4. processing paint scratches

Second, the Automobile loaded with

1. the main learning control method of laying the adhesive coating plus noIse installation method

2. chassIs protective effect and construction process

Third, Automobile film

1. The main control sun film solar film quality dIscriminating

2. The solar film paste technology, membrane technology roasted

3. The solar film baking method

4. Roasted gun using explosion-proof membrane and maintain cognitive 5.

IV. Automotive electronics

1. the method of connecting the main learning audio laying line

2 master on / installed dedicated traffic recorder / DVD / reversing camera / subwoofer installation method

3. The anti-theft installation and master trigger dIscriminating

4. The master central locking plus installation method

5. grasp reversing radar installation

Fifth, the outer Car modified

1. main control method of joining Carbon fiber sheet

2. The method of film master lamp

3. Learn color design formulations

4. grasp Rhinohide paste techniques

VI, Car lights upgrade

1. The main control xenon headlights the installation of

2. the master key Is the installation of the angel eyes

seven, sheet metal repair

1. The main control various welding processes / familiar with Carbon dioxide gas welding / gas welding method such as welding operations You can point to master the use contouring machine / beam calibrator of

2. Mastering and contouring method of contouring machine

3 the focus control and the use of beam calibrator part

4. the method of main control member removably door / hatch machine / fender / trunk / door / glass

5. after renovation master measuring method

eight fast repair paint

1. Familiar spraying process, mainly controlled by the master putty application and grinding considerations

2 Learn paint room use and maintenance

3. tips to master the spraying method

4. understand various phenomena after spraying and treatment [ .

5 method

for shielding the

Science time Car beauty required depending on what they have learned the following parts:

Car sheet spray beauty technician: 6 months

Car maintenance business class: 4 months

Auto Beauty and decorating business class: 3 months

Car sheet spray elite class: 3 months

chain of Automotive service manager class: 3 months