Car battery no power to change it? Maintenance of the master: to teach you a trick, more than two years with no problem

number of private Cars in recent years showing growth spurt, many people buy a Car in the future, I do not know how to maintain their vehicles? Especially in winter, when the temperature Is low, a lot of people Will find that their Car before the start speed Is not good, and some friends may even open the door to meet the situation, and these cases are basically related to the battery.

In thIs case, some vehicle sellers easy way, directly to the owner for a piece of the battery. In thIs case, the repairman believes, does not have to replace the battery, just use several methods, then two years Is not a problem, see here, some friends might ask, how Is it possible? If you do not believe, you had a good look at the following text.

First, we take a look at how the battery Is working, in order to give you a better understanding, the popular thing Is that all batteries have the same features, positive and negative Is yes, a lot of vehicle sales, vehicle in the warehouse for a long time, and then open it when it does not start, thIs time vendors Will put two Cars together and, after a few How long, full of electric vehicles, Will start without any problems, thIs method Is not very simple, most effective, but the owners of my friends once found that the charge does not solve the problem, we must consider other way.

simple point, as long as the vehicle continues to run, Will be sustained consumer batteries. Whether the door or lighting, are attached to the battery, the battery in thIs exothermic process Is a continuous process, with the design of the battery self-protection function are water, it Is to prevent burn all the battery cell. Some Cars because too little water, can not find other reasons, so it directly to the battery replacement, thIs Is really a dIsadvantage.

In fact, we only have water battery fix it, Is also very simple, Is the addition of a few milliliters of water in the battery in, while allowing the battery to release pressure . Open the valve to find a chopstick or wooden sticks, put the battery in, if water Is found on a stick, then even if the supplement Is completed. Another point to note that we are talking about here Is the water medicineWith dIstilled water, not ordinary tap water or purified water. Able to repair it, so you can use more than two years, it Is not you can save a fee?

vehicle in use of the process, Is sure to encounter many small state. When some small problems, what problems are really no need to find someone else to solve. You can make some small attempt, not only can save a lot of unnecessary spending, but also to make their own mind at ease a lot. As long as Willing to learn, want to learn, a lot of problems are able to solve by yourself.