Called “pagoda” classic car Mercedes – Benz 230SL tushang

released thIs Mercedes-Benz 230SL (W113) models at the Geneva Motor Show in 1963, replacing the older models 300SL and 190SL. 230L models based 220SE chassIs has been optimized to build and upgrade, making it even better athletic performance, 2.3 liter six-cylinder engine has good power performance. In addition Mercedes-Benz engineers in order to provide better comfort to the customer on thIs sport convertible models also features rare pneumatic cushioning. SL series while the Car Is also the first to use radial tire models.

As a convertible, 230SL windscreen and windows are relatively towering vertical and horizontal looks quite a bit oriental temple roof construction, so the Car was also that’s known as the “pagoda.” Here take a look at overseas photographers alexpenfold enjoy photography.