Cadillac now Is the embodiment of the American spirit and leadership style luxury sedan model!

Cadillac Is GM’s most high-end brands. Their Cars in the “presidential” three-row luxury Car known around the world. Cadillac Cars cut in both the senior and sports Cars, but also cross-country Vapor main products are mainly limousine.

100 years ago, the Cadillac Automobile Company was born, after a hundred years of trials and hardships, Cadillac has become the embodiment of American spirit and leadership style luxury sedan model. Cadillac adhering to the “science and art go hand in hand,” the purpose of manufacturing, it Is a unique blend of design, innovative technology and luxurious dIstinguIshed tradition, was elected President of the Car can be described as deserved. From the beginning of the 20th century, the Cadillac was President of the United States as an official and diplomats in years. President Wilson was the first to take the Cadillac official activities of the President of the United States. After Clinton and President Bush’s election victory, are also riding the Cadillac, heading for their life in the most important moments in eleven US presidential inauguration.

Cadillac’s hIstory dates back to 1902. Using the “Cadillac” in the name when the company was establIshed to the royal family of France, explorer Antoine door] Adams Cadillac (Le Sieur Antoine de la NotheCadillac) to pay tribute because he establIshed the city of Detroit in 1701. Therefore, when the Detroit Car company restructuring Will be renamed the Cadillac Automobile Company. Cadillac company set up for the development of the world’s transportation industry, opened a new chapter. Cadillac founder enjoy Lilly Rand Is a manufacturer in England, he attaches great importance to precIsion machining, manufacturing quality and interchangeability of parts, and that thIs Is the key to rapid development of the Car. In thIs thought, the 1906 Cadillac factory in Detroit has became the world’s largest, most complete and best equipped Car factory, in 1909, Cadillac joined the General Motors Corporation, since then, Cadillac design Cars when, pay more attention to luxury and comfort of the Car. So far, Cadillac still maintain thIs tradition, in order to analyze luxury Car known around the world.

Cadillac uses a profound meaning and sophIsticated eleven coat of arms flag, thIs flag Is a symbol of the Cadillac family had a royal family, a symbol of the Automotive industry in itsLeadership, showing the city of Detroit, founder of courage and honor ancestors. Cadillac Is a Cadillac trademark family in ancient religious war. Heraldry “crown” and “shield” type of use. The seven pearls “crown” means the Cadillac family have royal blue blood that arIstocratic family Cadillac. “Shield” Cadillac symbolizes the army Is a armored cavalry, heroic, conquering, conquering valiant divIsion. “Shield” Is equally divided into two dark brown four aliquots rod. The second and third decile has two intersecting brown bars represent crusaders like brave knight on a dIstant battlefield. Aliquot of each of the first and fourth three-color black birds, two black bars aliquot was again divided into two, and separating the same bird three, two upper and one lower. According to the custom of the time, no birds legs and mouth, if both appear in three (ie the Trinity), it means sacred. These birds also represent a bold and passionate ChrIstian warriors and wIsdom, rich, intelligent mind and perfect character. Various colors “shield” Is also a profound meaning, which represent marriage, land and harvest. Such as red for bravery and utter; silver represents marriage, purity, love and virtue; yellow indicates harvest and rich; blue for innovation and exploration; black for the land.

Cadillac, there have been many memorable unique design and technical innovation in its hundred years of hIstory, which makes it enduring in the luxury Car market. For centuries, Cadillac made in the technical and technological aspects of a major breakthrough for the Automotive industry had a huge and far-reaching impact. In 1908, Cadillac by the successful implementation of standardized production, becoming the first company to be awarded the Medal of Dewar London’s Royal Automobile Club of America Vapor companies, and hence, the “world standard” reputation eleven Cadillac Is the first and only

was awarded the title of the Royal Automobile club company. In 1912, Cadillac Cars to take the lead in electronic equipment starting, lighting and ignition re Dewar medal.

by the end of 1949, Cadillac produced the first one million Cadillacs, and in the same year developed a hIstoric high compression ratio, overhead valve, light, modern V8 engine. In 1987, Cadillac Allante be the first to enter the ultra-luxury Car marketAmerican Cars, the Cadillac Allante sharp Army onrush, changed the pattern of ultra-luxury Car segment has been dominated by the European Car dominance. In 1993 and 2001, Bill Clinton and George Bush has became president, Cadillac Car tradition of the White House and become their Car.