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seeing “double 11”, “Black Five”, “double 12” just past, and Will soon celebrate ChrIstmas, New Year’s Day and Spring Festival. With the economic development of the electricity supplier, that someone said with a smile in the United States, any holiday can be had as a shopping festival. After a while many businesses and brands, “routine”, consumers from the start of the “National Carnival” gradually shift to rational consumption.

Recently, a survey of American Youth Daily Social Investigation Center of the questionnaire network of 2019 respondents conducted. Droop dIsplay, face electricity supplier shopping festival, 83.3% of respondents said more sensible than before. While 70.5% of respondents said they would make a shopping lIst, there are plans to consume.

while the US economy and society from the “National Carnival” ThIs transition to rational consumption, not just in online shopping, choose a Car on thIs matter also has the same trend.

Take independent mid-sized SUV, the iterative upgrade after years of independent mid-size SUV has already stripped the aura, the early years simply by virtue of the “big space” and “7” on the two labels gone are able to sell out of stock of the situation. The Tiggo 8 as an Autonomous midsize SUV in the vanguard, but also led to the beginning of large-scale mid-term facelift. ThIs can not help but ponder, in the end what kind of independent mid-sized SUV to get immediate consumer recognition?

To address thIs Issue, new lIstings thIs year, long-ou still Kordsa GT might be able to answer. We took it to 2020 with some comparIson models Tiggo 8, starting depth analysIs from three aspects of power, space and security, to see who Is more rational to meet the needs of the consumer era.

equipped with a blue whale 2.0T engine, Kordsa more dynamic performance GT

power as a Car “core “the quality of their performance, their strength can vIsually show whether a vehicle perfect. Especially for thIs level SUV, the force has become a top priority concern of many consumers when buying a Car.

Kordsa GT equipped with Changan Automobile strongest combination of power, that Is, independent research and development of Blue Whale 2.0T engine, the maximum power of 171kW, peak torque of 360N · m. Hundred kilometers in just nine seconds. On the book data, thIs engine Is not only victory Tiggo 1.5T and 1.6T engine 8, but enough to par 3.5L naturally aspirated engine, deserved for their own brands in the crowd.

differences in data, fully reflected in the actual driving experience. While driving Kordsa GT, every accelerate beyond, there Is a strong sense of pushing back. As long as the throttle, it can easily bend uphill challenge by extremely good. Whether on the highway or road complex during rush hour, Kordsa GT can achieve the speed and there Is no sense of frustration overtaking, more pleasant driving pleasure. In contrast, 8 Tiggo experience less certain, more stable and suitable for everyday city driving.

At the same time, the blue whale Kordsa GT 2.0T engine as well as the TC, GDI, DVVT and dozens of advanced technology, not only has high performance while also possesses excellent energy-saving characterIstics. Kordsa GT hundred kilometers save 0.2L, well below the 0.38 average SUV. ThIs Is a mid-sized SUV leapfrog in terms of body size, it Is already difficult to go beyond the score.

In addition, the gap between the two vehicles in the transmIssion Is also obvious. Kordsa GT matched AIsin all imports of third-generation 8AT gearbox, smooth shifting, fast response, whether or high-speed driving in urban areas, can easily deal with.

while Ruihu 8 matches Is 6-speed double clutch / 7-speed double clutch gearbox, cost relatively low cost, comfort and 8AT also have some differences. In the actual driving process, there Is a lack of low torque, weak acceleration problems have some impact on travel texture. And abnormal noIse and jitter problems in the low-speed dual-clutch gearbox driving, and has not found very good solutions, so when buying or need to be cautious.

Kordsa GT leapfrog size, spatial layout obvious advantages

As the two-child family and quasi-two-child family the increasing number of consumersThe space also has a new Car demand. As one of the most understand people’s own brand, Kordsa GT continues the consIstent big advantage of space, body size Is 4880 * 1868 * 1775mm, wheelbase of 2800mm. Compared Tiggo 8 4700 * 1860 * 1746mm body size and wheelbase 2710mm, Kordsa GT victory in body size.

only slightly smaller, 8 Tiggo in space layout Is also less able Kordsa GT edge. 2020 models Tiggo 8 line comes standard with five, if you want six or seven layout Will require additional increase option. Due to size restrictions, even if the fare increase optional third-row seat, second-row seat and adjust to the forefront, 8 Tiggo third row of seats Is still very crowded, emergency ride Is only suitable for minors. And passengers want to enter the third row, only by folding the second row of seats, very inconvenient.

In contrast Kesai provides GT 2 + 2 + 2/3 + 2 + 2/3 + 2 + 2 a variety of spatial layout, and the second row It can be moved back and forth, up to nearly a meter vacated space. The first advantage of thIs arrangement Is that it can provide a more comfortable ride conditions for the second-row passenger, sitting three adults Will not be crowded, followed by the rear passengers Will be more convenient and out of the third row.

plus Kesai advantages in size GT, GT Kordsa third-row seat cushion space or either leg length, thickness and angle have significantly more outstanding than the Tiggo 8, even fully loaded travel, but also to meet the comfort of every passenger.

safety performance no less, to provide security for the five-star full

In the long hIstory of Automobile development, all aspects of vehicle performance and configuration has been evolving, security has also made considerable progress. Whether it Is Car prices and consumers are increasingly concerned about the safety performance of vehicles.

In thIs regard, the 2020 models Tiggo 8 not only with a high-strength body, Is also equipped with the advanced active safety systems, in order to bring a sense of security at the same time, the final score won C-NCAP five-star safety rating certification. The Kordsa GT ou still a long Car brand was founded one year after the launch of the pioneer heavy fine, at the same level of safety performance show mature hair after strength, whether passive or active safety security do not lose money Tiggo 2020 8.

In terms of passive safety, Kordsa GT Cars around the whole arrangement of six airbags, the vehicle was moving event of an accident or collIsion, the airbag Will pop up the first time to protect the security of every family ride. For families there are children, Kordsa GT Is also equipped with a child safety seat interfaces, to ensure the safety of children, to prevent accidents due to collIsion and emergency braking produced.

in the popular intelligent security systems, Kordsa GT Is also equipped with fully, not only the ACC adaptive cruIse control, lane departure warning, active braking system, also comes with a 360 ° panoramic image, before and after the six parking radar and other technology configuration, the vehicle periphery at a glance, so that drivers in dealing with complex road more calm.

written in the last

the face of a highly competitive market, Car prices every day When asked “what the consumer needs.” From the comparIson Kordsa GT and Tiggo 8, may be able to answer. Tiggo 8 lIsted at the beginning really get a lot of consumers, but with the idea of ​​a more rational consumers to buy Cars, Car knowledge to better understand, invariably difficult to obtain continuous recognition. Therefore, the 2020 models Tiggo after the upgrade facelift 8 came into being.

ThIs compares with Kordsa GT as a rookie, with a comparable safety performance of the new Tiggo 8 and superior power and performance space, Is clearly more in line with “large ultra-high performance SUV “standard, but also more qualified to serve as a benchmark independent mid-sized SUV’s.