Buyers guide SUV joint venture in April, both Honda facelift lIsted on March 31

recent plan to buy a Car friends can be said to be very lucky, or whether it Is product diversity degree of preferential policies, including the number of layers of down payment, interest rate, etc., are very large, and thIs not only for U.S.-made Cars, many brands of thIs phenomenon Is a joint venture vehicle.

Not long ago, Honda’s official website announced that the new road and the Coronavirus Chi Bin Will be available in 2020. March 31. As a facelift, the two vehicles Will be in appearance and configuration adjustment, of course, are currently a number of specific parameters and the actual results of two Cars can not grasp all, but anyway we take a look at the old models, then, according to official information some contrast, I believe very big room for improvement.


of 45 degrees obliquely from the front, the overall crown Road feelings or in thick-based, high hood, with the proportion of the entire height of the body, so that thIs effect Is more pronounced. And the entire front face of the design factors also used more in the degree of diversity, headlights and grille design pull formula, large chrome bar on the recognition, the hood Is connected with the A pillar portion Department, also adopted a new concept. According to official sources, the facelift Will be surrounded before to make certain optimization, style may be more biased in favor of calm and respect.

the side, muscular contours and strength of feeling full crown Road, on the site of the trend, not in soft convergence, but tempered lines directly connected, in the lower level of sharpening on, but also to increase the overall steady sex. Facelift and Will be optimized for the shape of the hub, all models are made of 245/55 R19 tire specifications, also changed the size of the body length and breadth 4858mm, 1942mm, 1670mm, wheelbase 2820mm.

The overall effect on the aspect of the tail to the main round, although they are still in line as a major factor, but there Is no amplitude on the connection side so wild, tend to soft, adding a hint of playful. In the facelift, the official being announced only for the tail lamp group, the siege and the exhaust pipe specifications to make a certain styleAdjustment.

Inside, the crown completely occupied Road Honda comfort and luxury of, just on the hardware side, whether it Is the layout of the center console, Is surrounded by large seats, while satIsfying sense of technology, but also to create extravagant style, while the co-pilot in front of the wood-based panels, no doubt counted on the finIshing touch, and the overall degree of luxury up a notch . The facelift on the interior more emphasIs on operating software, such as the lateral aspect of the camera, front and rear parking sensors, active and passive safety systems, etc., in the interior hardware facilities have reached a very high level, room for improvement not very big.

power, continue to introduce road crown engine 1.5T, 2.0T engine horsepower aspects respectively 193 horsepower and 272 horsepower, six countries to meet emIssion standards, transmIssion the box with the CVT and Is 9-speed manual gearbox.

Of course, the specific effect dIsplay, parameter configuration and ride feel or to wait for the facelift market, thIs model friends like specific test drive after the test ride get an accurate understanding.

Bin Chi

As facelift Bin Chi, announced the News being small, it Is expected that the new Car Will be appearance of the configuration of the main part of the adjustment, increase the diversity of itself, increase market competitiveness, take a look at paragraph 19 Chi Bin, after the lIsting of the facelift can more clearly understand the areas in which to make improvements.

vehicle positioning and crown Chi Bin Road in different areas, and the wide these two models were redesigned, I believe also in order to occupy more market share. Front inclined 45 degrees, the overall effect Is intellectual Bin more gradual, in the range of various parts of the adapter are not so sharp, with full round-based, and a wider range of headlamps and grille design group communication, but also It showed a restless atmosphere.

side view, Bin sporty chi that Is not weak, the tail and the roof convergence manner, while reducing the curvature of the weakening the presence of the C-pillar, which Carryover increases, and also to the waIstImprove the overall vIsual experience side, so its sporty show from these details out Is very appropriate way. Body length and breadth Is 4328mm, 1772mm, 1605mm, wheelbase reached 2610mm.

aspects of the tail parts of the divided Is not too significant, one focus, taillights and headlights different pattern, not used a narrow technical means, but the use of regular lines, but there Is no departure from the overall style, used to describe a character, like a grumpy person also has a softer side.

Inside, Bin Chi Is more formal, in comfort, luxury meet Honda’s design philosophy, while at the hardware and there Is no divIsion on the pattern of too many highlights, but the location Is only notable in the control screen, it Is more biased in favor of the copilot’s position, because the fear of the angle of the driver, because the steering wheel and block part of the line of sight, driving during the operation, to affect its safety, and security that count on human tectonics on a bright spot.

power output, with 19 models Bin Chi are 1.5T and 1.5L engine, the horsepower respectively 131,177, the gearbox Is also divided into MT with the CVT, both with their own, there may be a little different on the driving experience, or the need for specific analysIs based on individual driving habits.

I believe in the new Car market, many of my friends Will go to the Car, because the most recent relevant offers really great.