Buyers guide Chongqing Swift car

SUV Is popular in recent years, domestic models, and presents an increasing trend in the domestic market, therefore, SUV has become a Car manufacturer’s “battleground.” Former domestic-made SUV “boss” Great Wall Hover H6, there Is the sudden emergence of the Czech Republic after transit X70, the domestic SUV market can be described as brilliant. Today we say a home-made SUV, from Chongqing SWM Swift Car.

Chongqing Swift Cars made SUV Is a rIsing star, its large space, low cost, high value color, multi-function, etc. can accurately capture the consumer point demand, and thus became the market fiery Car brand. Secondly, we all know, most likely to move the consumer Is still highly cost effective.

at the same time gain reputation, Swaziland Car also busy with product placement. In addition to the first half of thIs year Will be the beginning of a new Swift G01 F models, the new model mid-sized SUV Swift G05 Will also be launched in September. The latest News, Swift Car pure electric models coming soon.

Swift G01 Italian style for the tone, using classical “Knight” design language, tail shape more compact, then the front face, wheels, taillights and other details on both the concept of “Knight of the arrow” design elements, with a bilateral two-way exhaust, very sporty.

In the interior, the overall design of Swift G01 reflects a “light luxury atmosphere.” The current Swift G01 black as the main color, flat-bottomed multifunction steering wheel equipped with a digital instrument panel, the control panel with a 10-inch LCD. At the same time, large panoramic sunroof Is also very eye-catching, thIs performance Is very good indeed.

From the point of view of body size, X Swift G01 4670/1855/1740 mm long, 2750 mm wheelbase, while still having a size Swift advantage G05 , further confirmed the large space of the product charm, it happens to domestic consumers can not refuse it.

In the power sideSurface, Swift G01 1.5T continue to Carry the engine, the maximum power of 156 horsepower and peak torque of 230Nm, six kinds of emIssions to meet national standards. With the 6-speed manual transmIssion system, since the 6-speed manual transmIssion integrally.