“Buy Toyota cars do not know, half know to buy Volkswagen’s” really understand the car selected three brands

“do not understand the buy Toyota Cars, half know to buy Volkswagen’s” really understand the Car selected three brands

Although now we are living We have entered the well-off stage, but many people Will hesitate when buying a Car. Because the domestic Auto market above models dazzling, do not know how to choose. So many people Will choose to follow suit when buying a Car Is purchased, also played a popular word called “do not understand the Car buying Toyota, Volkswagen half know to buy the Car.” But for the average insiders, the only choice when buying a Car three Car brands.


Although Subaru in the domestic Auto market and unpopular, because its name Is too difficult to lIsten a. However, Subaru Is the Automotive world famous technology flows. Subaru engine, fuel consumption and enhance energy efficiency control and other aspects of performance are very excellent. The only drawback Is that the latter Subaru maintenance and repair costs Is too expensive, so it did not lead him to welcome the public, but it Is still adhere to the self, especially for its off-road vehicles, Is unable Prado Beyond.


Infiniti could have been NIssan’s a luxury Car brand, but in entering the domestic Auto market after, It has become worthless. Although Infiniti’s overall shape and interior structure are handsome, handsome and unparalleled luxury. Especially for the Infiniti QX50, or call Ward won the Top Ten interior.


Mazda’s reputation in the domestic Auto market has been full of praIse, because it Is different from other Car brand fancy design, Mazda exhibited a spirit of dedication. Most importantly, it’s the quality and safety of Cars are the best. But the frustration it Is a small minority of the Car brand, far less than the public overall sales, resulting in hIs little-known in the domestic Auto market.

For Volkswagen and Toyota, it IsDo not know what to say the Car Will buy Toyota because Toyota has a relatively strict and meticulous workmanship, the general Car Toyota decade Will not appear serious accidents, compare withstand toss. As for the public, he was among the first in the domestic Auto market based joint venture brands, irreplaceable position in the hearts of hIs countrymen. German Cars coupled with solid and stable, but also by the praIse of people, besides driving the public’s feeling even more comfortable than some of Toyota. But three Cars and contrast, Toyota, Volkswagen or a lot worse.