Buy buy buy no regret, New York car to make your “wIsdom” business time online!

618, 11 double every year in addition to the many competing electricity providers fighting on the battlefield, or a lot of “hand chop party” Carnival day. On that day, they set a good alarm clock in advance to check good home network, ready to go, once the zero / the whole point of the horn sounded, “fight hand speed”, “fight the network speed” imminent war.

If you’re lucky enough to be one of the King, “spike success” among, then the next, Is to challenge each store launch of difficulty comparable Mathematical Olympiad ” burning brain concessions “: the addition of” full cut “,” torch red “,” deposit expansion “,” red team group, “and so on, as well as dIscount dazzling tricks, to get you IQ Is not online, burn the brain for a long time not sure how much cheaper in the end!

At the end of the “no idea the number of” shopping Carnival, perhaps, a few days ago you still in the courier and express joy in income, but a week or even a month later, many chop hand Party Will have to force open the ignorant mode:

who I am

where I am ?? ]

Why did I buy thIs damn thing?!

As the saying goes: chop hand momentary cool, hand speed after the fight finIshed …… At thIs moment, do you think those years, you bought it busted their ass tears of things?

of those wonderful chop hand experience, I regret buying it, saying that he was head watts, and deep doubt their own intelligence where to go?

and the situation Is finIshed, you regret not only occur on small items to buy, buy a lot of Cars and other large objects people have had thIs experience. For example, many owners, even before buying a Car lIstening to a lot of old acquaintances called the driver’s Car experience, read a lot of online Car Raiders, finally determined to go 4S shop a Car under a single, but there are a lot of owners buy after the Car because of various problems Will be wringing, regret.

a lot because of the budget, novice and other reasons choose to buy low with the Car who opened not long suffer a great deal: no navigation, no radar just need to configure ,not onlyTo endure just bought a new Car about to be converted plus something, what Is more, there are some like to configure ESP and the like simply no way to post-installation, only tears.

Of course, those who buy the so-called high with the Car and not be sit back and relax. Some people spend a higher price high with a so-called Car, opened out to show off. But the Car can not keep power configuration, edge originally intended to make racing side imagine watching a movie with friends, they become out of power, the screen can not dIsplay the embarrassing situation, a dilemma, took high with the money, did not get high with Car.

In fact, whether it Is to buy clothes and shoes such small items such as Cars or big-ticket goods, the situation appeared to regret buying, do not buy simply because the quality of the excellent quality of goods, even product quality and price does not match well. As long as we stay sane before making a purchase, do not easily sell hype means to be attracted to shop around, Careful analysIs of product quality parameters and coefficients, Careful decIsions, we Will pick out the excellent quality of that one from a congregation of its kind.

Is like buying a Car of New York people, not only Will not regret it, New York Automotive Will help them maintain a high “wIsdom” business time online.

Is not only comparable to Saab, tbeng technology blessing, has the world’s top suppliers do support, with excellent power equipment; but also German luxury power seats, dual-zone Automatic air conditioning smart thermostat, give you executive-level cabin as comfortable driving experience. Not only do not let you configure the shortage of worries, and no underpowered embarrassment.

More importantly, New York intelligent AI system mounted in an Automobile, to make your Car life more intelligent, safe and controllable. Not only lets you control everything through intelligent voice, can also help you in real-time monitoring of vehicle condition, vehicle monitoring status reports at any time; more importantly, in driving the process, as well as lane departure warning, dynamic object recognition technology to do black support to enable not only Will you at any time “wIsdom” business online, and secure time online. ▲