Buick GL8 and Trumpchi GM8, whose seat design Is more reasonable, more comfortable to sit up?

“in the business MPV market two to three million domestic level, the Buick GL8 reputation Needless to say, has been regarded as the benchmark exIsts!.” “Heard waves pushed forward waves it? Trumpchi GM8 it pleaded, although they are still” new, “but there Is material ah, afraid of who?!” Whenever there Is a new Car launch, editorial among colleagues “mutual hate.” it Is common, but we are also very direct, hands-on can not Dazui gun, so I went straight on the Car hate. What Is “shot dead before the waves on the beach” or a “ginger or the old lady”? We’ll see!

“hate again.” Is our newly opened a series of articles by the collIsion of two or three senior editors stood at different angles to judge all aspects of the Car, which Will have different points of view. In the “mutual hate” among older drivers, the users more comprehensive, intuitive understanding of the advantages and dIsadvantages of the vehicle.

wrote at the forefront : thIs time the protagonIst are Trumpchi GM8 2019 models 320T Ultimate (price: 259,800 yuan), the Buick GL8 2019 models 25S dIstinguIshed type (price: 269 900). And so, Why not take GL8 28T models compare? ThIs can represent the real strength of the GL8, ah! … the price difference Is a bit large.

Design: Yan depend on the value of

value Gaobu Gao Yan, the importance of a Car it goes without saying, especially in the current domestic Car market Is particularly important, it Is probably because your “look” handsome enough, the consumer has lost a further understanding of you, direct PASS out. In design terms, it can be said to be a major feature of Chi Chuan GM8 to evaluate the overall shape Is still pricey, and thIs Is the reason it has become a major concern.

and the Buick GL8 business travel or retain business MPV has always been calm and reserved image ( 28T version of the new model Is more full-bodied business atmosphere), belonging to theYoung and old Safe style. As you like better? ThIs Is very subjective, and turnip greens all have love.

such big mouth Trumpchi GM8 design, with huge banners trim, the front of the heavy feeling stronger, I think it gives the vIsual impact Is very strong. Buick GL8 family flying wing design of the network was relatively simple, relatively, a look harmless to humans and animals, Bin Yan believes more in line with business MPV mature positioning.

side surfaces and Is completely different style, Buick GL8 MPV Is a standard appearance, and Trumpchi GM8 Is the use of floating roof design more popular nowadays, it seems to be rich fashionable some. And also the side sliding door track and GL8 as hidden design, does not affect the aesthetic side of the body. Side door sill height of fact they are not too low and the Japanese MPV compared to then, if poured from a business point of view the use Is not a problem.

in terms of external configuration, the mass Qi GM8 more prominent, as a top with more models equipped with all-LED headlamps sense of technology, equipment and even adaptive cruIse control (sensor Is located under the front face), lane keeping alert and so on. And these be at a higher price GL8 28T models have equipped.

before the second and third row ofFocus

that are too subjective and not something we should first pull up, as the MPV, especially business MPV, the buyer what Is most valued? Nature Is the second and third row of seating comfort. That we go directly to the subject again.

[second row GM8 seat armrest fixed design for supporting the elbow Is in place, and shape a little taste of first class seats, does seem to be a lot of luxury. But there are also inconvenient to use where, for example, get off on the second row passengers. In thIs respect GL8 adjustable armrest Is clearly an advantage, whether it Is on or off the Car Is more convenient. Further, the armrest Is designed difference, the second row of the width of the central channel, but also GL8 Is wider, so that the third row passengers down more freely.

and in terms of comfort, GM8 two second-row seat Is armed to teeth, not only seat ventilation, heating, and even the seats are equipped with massage, electrically adjustable footrest are, how can you not please the boss’s favor? But also it provides a rear entertainment system, tired of watching the scenery can also watch movies, and more comfortable. Although not so much comfort configuration on the price of the GL8, but still very ergonomic seats in place, the seat filler soft moderate, ride comfort Is good.

Thanks to a wider body, lighting and other panoramic sunroof, third row seating space GM8 feel more spacious and some, especially the horizontal space, even if sitting three people do not seem too crowded. In the third row space of flu GM8 performance to be better. However, in terms of the performance of the trunk, GL8 on the show aspects of its advantages, and the conditions under seven, GL8 trunk depth than GM8 large lot, a 28-inch, 20-inch suitcase no problem, there Is excess space to lay down their backpacks and other belongings.

and in the interior to create atmosphere, really gives a sense of luxury GM8 more more strong, of course GL8 in selected materials and workmanship Is not bad, there Is no sense of interior design GM8 more so on the grade. Also in science and technology of the configuration, GM8 performance Is more prominent, such as full LCD instrument panel, wireless charging mobile phones and so on. And in thIs respect GL8 pay more attention to space availability, performance and more flexible and more practical in terms of storage cells.

how to open up?

power equipment, although the match are GM8 GL8 and 6-speed manual transmIssion, but the former Is used 2.5L naturally aspirated engine, while the latter Is turbocharged engine equipped 2.0T. Large platform wide torque turbocharged advantage of agricultural development, and thIs Is also reflected in the GM8, but in terms of maximum horsepower on the GL8 almost the same. Naturally aspirated and turbocharged two different characterIstics, Will be showing how to open up a different character?

First, the throttle setting the school they exhibit different characterIstics, GL8 front section partial throttle adjustment more sensitive (not to difficult to control), so low speed driving (especially traffic lights start) people feel quite brIsk. The GM8 Is a partial calm type, plus some turbo lag obviously, need a little more than step on the accelerator at the start, but if not properly controlled Will forward the case of channeling prone, and that needs to adapt a little. If you stop and go traffic congestion, it Is still relatively GL8 open up a little easier.

However, in the middle accelerate words, GM8 advantage prominent, and speed of GL8 more effort than the force point, especially when overtaking on urban roads, GM8 to calm a lot. Normal driving, the actions for the gearbox Is not too fast, mainly ride to the main demands. To ride for everyday driving, GM8 GL8 and are not too picky, decent enough performance.

In terms of steering, they are both adjustable bias Household style, the steering Is vague, the most basic sense of filtering road, directivity can not say precIsely, comfortably open Is its greatest appeal, after all, the back of the boss can see you do not want to bend to split.

how to sit up the back?

Having said that, perhaps not of concern to potential buyers, after all, they more often are sitting on the back row. That driving comfort in the back row who Is better? First Is that the chassIs performance.

If you are traveling on a flat road surface of asphalt, then back ShuAdaptive are good. However, in the event of crushing bumps, GM8 chassIs for thIs type of filter Is not completely shake, there Is still a sense of passing information to the rear portion of the road, especially when the second-row passengers to lie down when feeling more obvious, thIs point GL8 Will show a lot of good, comfort Is to be better. Of course, if the occasional high-speed driving on rough roads, GL8 shaking Will be significantly more, while the GM8 becomes more robust.

In terms of soundproofing, cabin quietness Needless to say GL8 , and we have had a good reputation. In contrast, GM8 of sound Is also quite good, even better than some GL8, especially at idle and low speed state. The high-speed driving, do not know Is not an Isolated phenomenon, we get thIs GM8 test drive, A column appears the situation a little air leakage.


Buick GL8 has been the benchmark in thIs field, we naturally have to continue to face the newcomers challenges, and these newcomers must be well prepared, strength can not be ignored, such as Chi Chuan GM8, although from its own brand, but strong enough to show strength, such as eye-catching enough design, everything technology, comfort configuration , decent performance space, etc., and Business version of the Buick GL8 in these areas, although not the color, but balanced enough, particularly in terms of comfort with more prominent, coupled with word of mouth has been accumulated, still has a strong killing force. Their appeal are strong, the key Is to understand what they really need, so it Is not difficult to make a choice.