Bring a more attractive driving experience worthy of consideration in 2020 of 6 crossover

Lexus UX: UX Is one of the newest Lexus product, which Is a manufacturer of high-end Car full effort. Just hybrid systems, Lexus powder for those who want to reduce operating costs, it Is a good choice.

the quality of the interior structure of the UX Is first class, if you pursue a sports Car, so even sportier F-Sport version.

Audi Q2: BMW and X2 Is substantially the same, Q5 Is another crossover of quality products. It brings a higher level than the competition vehicle technology, as well as more attractive driving experience.

available engine range Is very wide – while the top SQ2 can provide adequate performance for most small steel gun can provide.

Ford Focus Active: Ford shows it can use its conventional models, and to give them more appealing Active and Carnival, and now, it greater Fox adopted the same strategy. Active version looks rough, though it does not have four-wheel drive, but Ford has included a number of special techniques to help deal with the front wheels in slippery conditions.

as well as the recently launched Fox Active version, for those who want more space on the regular version, thIs Is a good choice .

public exploration song: As the Tiguan and T-Cross, Volkswagen already has a strong crossover vehicle representative of the vehicle, but exploration song recently entered the lineup of the latest one of models. In the interior build quality Is very good, although it may not be the most exciting place, but they are intuitive layout.

a series of efficient engines to help probe the song feel more mature than its compact size feel, but also a new song probe R version, for want to have more impact people’s Car.

BMW X2: BMW attention also turned to the cross-border areas X2. While front-wheel drive BMW may go against tradition, but a good grip of soil fertility and light weight shift, it can provide one of sports Cars in thIs area.

It also has sharp styling and high-tech interior. Of course, since thIs BMW Peugeot, it Is the text of a more expensive option.

Peugeot 3008: Peugeot have some insight into the manufacturing compact Car, 3008 Is a good example of the French manufacturer in thIs area. Beautiful looks, great engine choices and a lot of standard equipment make 3008 one of the main contenders here.

It Is also very practical, there Is plenty of room for rear seat passengers, there Is a decent trunk can swallow all their luggage.