Bought a new car engine running necessary? How to explain the way a car engine running

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bought a new Car engine running necessary? How to explain the way a Car engine running. Engine running, or that many fans commonly known as the Car Is there need training, it has been a topic of dIscussion for some time. There are people who believe that part of the new engine Is still running necessary, then those who think that in today’s running of the engine component manufacturing sophIstication no longer required. In fact, under the empty vernacular, anyway thIs topic has been argued the two factions men Will always go on, so we just look at how Car manufacturers are recommended during the use of the owners of new Cars. In the original manual BMW M4 among the states use the new Car running in the mileage of 2,000 kilometers, with different speed and engine speed driving. During the speed to avoid over 5,500rpm, speed should not exceed 170km / h, and to avoid full throttle and kickdown behavior.

Ferrari even indicate Although the latest engine manufacturing engineering methods allow us to reach a high degree of precIsion parts and accurately assembled in the manual which However, the vehicle may still need to go through the process of motivation piece a run in the early running. Therefore, even if the Ferrari, BMW M, Corvette and so sophIsticated, high-performance engines need to go through the process of running, you can think about, you think a lot of low manufacturing cost models are generally able to reach the degree of precIsion engine running without the need of it? Since the original design engine think need to run, then what engine running for running what? In fact, the so-called Engine Break-In, mainly refers running between the pIston ring and cylinder wall. Although manufacturing technology allows precIsion machining pIston rings and cylinder wall Is very high, but if viewing under the microscope, both Will still be very small, uneven surface, so the new engines Will be assembled at the initial operation Will take some time so that the pIston rings and cylinder walls running each other to achieve optimum cylinder airtight, so it can play the best performance of the engine.

on engine wearCombined way also different opinions on the Internet, and even a Car, said violence training method Will be able to give the best engine performance. But here to tell all readers, violence training Car law Is simply nonsense, as to the reasons Why Will be explained at the end of the text. Following on directly to explain the correct way to perform the majority of Car manufacturers for engine run-given. Be good to let the engine pIston ring and cylinder wall running, the engine must be given proper load and pressure, but they do not need to load very large. Under heavy throttle or full throttle, a large increase in the cylinder internal pressure, with rapid rIse in engine speed, if the cylinder wall and the pIston ring with the unevenness, it Is easy in thIs state due to friction generated under rapid movement of the pIston high temperature hot spots, resulting in permanent damage to the pIston rings or cylinder walls. Thus, during the run-throttle way must be gentle, so gentle smooth speed changes, so that the pIston ring and cylinder wall can gradually achieve the best run-adhesion state, original manuals and some performance models Will require even in the run within the city It can not exceed 50% of throttle opening, to ensure that the engine Is able to achieve optimal performance.

Although the front not to heavy throttle, but it does not mean the new Car need extreme speed turtle crawling on the road blocking traffic. New Car owners just need to be Careful not to let the engine speed Is too high, then step on the gas smooth some of the ways you can, and now self gearbox for efficiency are usually on their own shift in moderate speed, there Is no need for engine run-in it overwrought, natural, smooth driving can be. During the engine running, in the original recommendation of the speed and the speed to go through different levels of load, pressure and speed, let the engine operating environment to adapt to different states, are able to play in each operating state after the run Is completed most good performance. Because of thIs, the number of new Cars in the run-mileage original recommendation of the need to avoid the use of cruIse control, possible to gentle way to make the engine speed and the speed change. But here we must also remind, do not therefore driving a new Car on the highway unsteadiness endanger traffic safety of themselves and other road users!

Here the so-called short-range travel, refers to not let the engine reach operating temperature dIstance. ThIs Is because when the engine reaches normal operating temperature under all operating components Will also be subjectWhen reached under normal operating conditions the thermal expansion should the size, say, of course, Is not macroscopic size variation here, but because of different thermal expansion coefficients of each of the components, so that after reaching the operating temperature of these components in order to achieve the size of the run required for stable operation of the state. Here I refer, of course, not new Cars do not manned, but to avoid the ride too heavy items. As thIs Will increase the burden on the engine Is running, on the other hand it Is because the new Car in addition to the engine, brakes and tires, including also need some time to run-in, so the new Car braking force in the hundreds of kilometers of mileage and grip force Will be weaker, while the heavy load or drag these components Will only cause more burden.

These methods and considerations running mainly used in Car mileage within a few hundred kilometers or within 1,000-2,000 km (according to different models the manual recommends), when the mileage reaches a run, do not forget the replacement of the engine oil and oil filter, let the old oil contains impurities or metal debrIs dIscharged. In the days after that, you can use arbitrary as long as the vehicle after the engine reaches operating temperature, do not need to be treated cautiously throttle it. Finally, to explain Why the aforementioned method violence training Car Is nonsense. Acquire the new Acura NSX, in order to allow owners to relieve the engine running troubles, before the original delivery of the vehicle Will advance the equivalent of 240 km of dIstance running steps in engine testing machine table. Because it Is in the testing machine table, so the original Is in a controlled environment and ways to quickly reach the engine running, intense exercIse can make NSX driving after delivery of the vehicle. So how Acura factory Is running for the engine? The answer Is the same as the rotational speed of 4,000rpm in the gentle, smooth changing engine speed and load.

In another case FCA engineer Ken Hardman Group to create a surface speed challenge Car, thIs Car uses a four-cylinder 2.1 liters of HEMI engine, and plus turbocharger up to the output level of 800 horsepower. In order to play the most powerful engine performance and maintain the best condition, which Is responsible to build engines with the same engineering team has been the engine running action after the completion of engine assembly. These same seasoned engineeringThe method of divIsion Is used as the engine load and speed changing in a specific rotation speed. When asked about violence training for law views the Car, they said the information collected Will only lead to violence law training Car unnecessary wear on the rIsk engine and said engine running Is needed Is to build on past experience in high-performance engines a smooth run-in process, rather than the high-load, fast running high speed. The above cases illustrate the correct way to have the engine running, so readers do stop by some specious rumors rumors to mIslead.