BMW X5 “Top with” to shop: panoramic sunroof + top stars, Is a little expensive!

X5 has always been one of the leading products of the BMW Group, since its introduction in 1999 to the current 20 years, sales have always been focused, can be said to medium-sized luxury SUV sales evergreens , but also has a “king of the road” in the world. The X5 also lIsted in 2020 the long-awaited new generation models, in three main expressive exterior, interior, performance and other aspects, there are significant changes and upgrades, full of sincerity Is a replacement model for.

Many riders are aware, in the regulation of imports compared to the BMW X5, X5 version of the parallel import prices are more cost-effective, especially top models are the advantages of the more obvious, so a lot of attention to cost-effective Car lovers choose to start parallel import version X5. ThIs does not, there Is a good Car online version of the BMW X5 plus the top with the shop, and the configuration of luxury amazing, the price Is a little expensive. Well take a look at the following specific configuration X5 Car online Car quote how. Models

: 19 plus version of the BMW X5 Top with.

Appearance: gray Arctic; Interior: Black perforated leather / fine brushed metal trim poplar.

Configuration: Deluxe enhancement package: cup holder, manual sunshade, heated front and rear seats, the front seats comfortable, heads-up dIsplay, parking assIstant, with panoramic, parking assIstant, electroblotted doors, universal remote control, comfort access, Harman / Kardon surround sound system, wireless hot spot, four-zone Automatic climate control, through the expansion of wireless charging smartphone Is connected, remote engine start, travel and comfort systems.

M sports package: M adaptive suspension (upgraded second shaft adaptive air suspension), high-gloss black roof rack, M aerodynamics, high light hatching, leather M steering, brakes the movement M, M Sport exhaust system, movement of the outer package M 20-inch wheels 740 M style.

Radio: stars top trailer hook.

Price: 785 000.

a new generation of the BMW X5 plus the latest version of the appearance of the front face of the idea, it seems more radical fashion, many people Will find two more big pig nose, but if the M Sport with the latest surround the outside and then look at the whole front looks very match. The new X5 full body increases, but in order to better shape sports fashion sense, on both sides of the rear middle line has significant structural upturned, very stylIsh at the same time matching the handsome 20-inch Y-shaped wheels, Car taillights more narrow than the old sharp, the overall design of the rear position on both sides of many more aggressive after bar there Is a certain reduction, such arrangements are in order to better highlight the vIsual impact of the X5.

Version BMW X5 plus interior design as the top luxury of more technology concept, the first and most suck the eye Is three Formula leather steering wheel movement, as well as the front liquid crystal instrument panel Is also substantially the same with the new X7, using frameless side mirror concept, center console below the Car radio further includes a charging function. The basic function keys are also new layout, also equipped with a central vent a small LCD screen, which shows a Car air-conditioning set temperature and exhaust amount.

Spatial new X5 Car indeed large, with a large area of ​​the panoramic electric sunroof, and a separate optional Star luxury top, both beautiful and practical, but also enhance the second-row passengers ride feel, against the seat with sweeping views of the beautiful sky. Think how faithful Car like the BMW X5 Car to the shop plus top version with it?