BMW X5 to shop: “golden” exclusive customized version, full dazzling

Many riders are aware, the BMW X5 has been a leader in the luxury large SUV, it Is occupied by perennial sales champion in the field, it Is the Mercedes-Benz and Audi Q7 GLE teamed up BMW X5’s sales are not high-volume, showing that the BMW X5’s market influence and appeal how many tough. In 2020, BMW also make persIstent efforts, the first to introduce a whole new generation X5, not just the exterior and interior have significant changes and upgrades, and even ridicule in the past a lot of riders off-road performance have been a huge upgrade, the X5 replacement can be described as the industry’s conscience ah.

and with the quality of life improved, many owners need for personalized service and products Is also increasing. For example, a good Car to shop online thIs golden appearance of the BMW X5, the owner Is to have a personalized exclusive custom version, look very rosy natural, after all the colors in the market can be said to be very rare, that keep them coming back absolutely 100% but also because the parallel imports plus version, compared to the price regulation Is also very beautiful. Let’s look at specific pricing and configuration of it!

models: BMW X5 version plus exclusive custom gold.

Appearance: sunstones gold interior: black perforated leather.

Configuration: Deluxe enhancement package: cup holder, manual sunshade, heated front and rear seats, the front seats comfortable, heads-up dIsplay, parking assIstant, with panoramic, parking assIstant, electroblotted doors, universal remote control, comfort access, Harman / Kardon surround sound system, wireless hot spot, four-zone Automatic climate control, through the expansion of wireless charging smartphone Is connected, remote engine start, travel and comfort systems, BMW laser headlights.

M sports package: M adaptive suspension (Adaptive upgrade air suspension axIs 2), high-gloss black roof rack, M aerodynamics, high light hatching, M leather steering wheel , M brake movement, M Sport exhaust system, movement of the outer package M 21-inch wheels 741 M style.

Price: 800 000.

to see the full configuration and customization of body color, I have to say the price Is very competitive, no wonder that many riders are determined to give up the regulation of imports X5, and the choice of parallel import version, because it Is so configured and color in the regulation of imports 4S no more than 900,000 are unlikely to Oh.

appearance, thIs color value X5 Needless to say, the grade Is very compelling luxurious golden body does appear more extravagance, wants people are very hard to ignore, combined with the unique M sport package exterior, but also has a very strong sense of sports fashion. Car front face either the bottom or the middle of the air intake larger version of kidney grille, are very vIsual impact, thIs Is definitely the color value out of exIstence.

To be honest after generation X5 interior, on the scientific and technological content improved a lot, a huge central control and touch screen in front of the LCD instrument panel, though not Mercedes-Benz as a one-piece, but it has also had the same purpose, T-BMW sports multifunction steering wheel, did not make great changes, the classic chicken style shift knob becomes crystal materials, many luxury indeed looks fine, so small I have a kind of feeling knitting put it down.

faithful Car you think how about the BMW X5 golden appearance? If so you have a sense of sight to see it?