BMW X5 inventory dIsaster, 200,000 unwanted concessions? Make sure you read the fake News

have recently been quite a few articles to brush the screen, the title looks relatively rosy, the point Is the same: the BMW X5 inventory dIsaster, no one should dIscount 200,000, and some say that Is rotten in the dealer hands. The article Is written text with pictures, but basically each one, the lack of data research and market analysIs, just like a lot of friends say, start a picture, thanks to compile the rest!

Let’s look at the data capacity of the BMW X5, currently there are two Car origin, which Is the main production base in the United States Shipatengbo cell factory, Is a major producer of the BMW X series models, with an annual capacity of about 450,000 units, of which BMW X5 production capacity of about 20 million units, and the remaining one Is now in Rayong, Thailand plant, but the plant Is not primarily responsible for assembling direct production, and mainly export to the domestic market, the purpose Is to reduce transport and labor costs, and expand domestic production of US imports, it Is said, BMW Will implement thIs model in 2022.

BMW X5 as a global model, the annual output of over 20 million units seem a lot, but in reality Is not high, but also in the United States and Europe the price Is compared to the national income, and the high price of domestic form a clear difference, so even if the US Is now BMW’s largest market, but the ability to digest BMW 7 Series, BMW X5 and other models, in fact, not as European and American countries, the import volume of our relatively small number, or BMW Brilliance major sales in 2020, annual sales of 544,500 units, accounting for more than 75% of the total domestic sales volume of BMW, while X5 sales in U.S. to 38,728 units , ranking the first place in the large luxury SUV.

However, thIs Car actually bought friends all know, the BMW X5 in the domestic dealer inventory Is not much, and even some Car owners only through order, to get the color you want or configuration. Of course, those described in the article inventory dIsaster, rather than parallel importer from BMW authorized dealers, can thIs really the case? First, from a hIstorical point of view, the introduction of a large number of parallel importers US regulations, the peak of the Middle East version of the BMW X5, in fact, in 2009 – the period in 2013, because at that time the BMW X5 and European markets caused by kingpinProduction capacity surplus, while the domestic BMW X5 Is hard to find a Car, or even increase 100,000 yuan have to wait several months.

ThIs gives the parallel importers a market opportunity, I was serving in the US BMW, clearly remember that time parallel imports BMW X5, need only increase of 3-5 million can be mentioned in the current Car, it makes a lot of owners can not wait to line up, have chosen the US version. But then the American Standard version and the version of the big differences in regulation, just body size have significantly different, even now, still on the road to see American Standard Version was imported, you should also find a lot of friends, the US regulations version It looks smaller on the lap.

American Standard version of the BMW

ThIs led to the then American Standard version of the model once the collIsion or damage, Is simply not get the original accessories, even if it Is a screw Is not possible, because the parallel importer of BMW and the United States, the US regulations Will not import the original accessories. ThIs Is to some extent the weak US regulatory version of the X5’s market heat, after all, thIs level of Car users, belong to spend money to buy time, to pay for peace of mind Zhu Er, even if the regulation expensive version of the floor price about three hundred thousand, but than to buy a Car to bump may not worry much.

Second, starting in 2013 because of the outstanding performance of the US Auto market, BMW, Mercedes and other luxury brands, global market layout has been re-adjusted, have the United States as the largest Car market, increased imports of hot-selling models, therefore, the BMW X5 increased supply, and market finally returned to within the range of the guide price, although it did not offer much, but BMW has been the official price has been virtually deprived of the profits of parallel importers, resulting in imports linear version of the model of the US regulatory decline.

Finally, we say that the parallel importer itself, in fact, they are to survive in the cracks dealers and Car prices, from the overall strength of speaking, and factory authorized dealers have a big difference, but the advantage Is no task indicators, flexible sales model, so they do not conflict with dealers and manufacturers directly, which sells models basically, are not directly the introduction of domestic or tight supplyModels, such as land patrol, patrol, Mercedes-Benz G-Class, Ford Raptor and other models, and each time the imports are controlled within a range of supply-demand balance, so can guarantee the safety of funds, but also can play a role in hunger marketing.

American Standard version of the BMW X5

From thIs perspective, the BMW X5 have never had any high profits, but also takes money too large, since 2014, it has basically become a relatively “small minority” of parallel imported Cars, vIsibility at major ports Is not high, but not because of what emIssions six countries of the five countries, it triggered massive inventory dIsaster, 200,000 more favorable trading at a loss does not occur, even now increase domestic sales of BMW X7, inventory at the port are higher than where to go, and now largely low-priced dumped empty.

In summary, whether in terms of operating costs, profit cycle, capital investment, and so the market demand point of view, parallel imports BMW X5, now authorized dealers and not directly compete, leaving profit of parallel importers, not even like a multi-stage Jimny come, so I can certainly tell you that the so-called BMW X5 inventory dIsaster Is a fake News, watching hIs Lehe on the line!