BMW “X5” electric version released next year take the L3 level autopilot system

BMW had released a new flagship concept SUV called iNext and Will be mass production in 2021. Recently, U.S. Netcom social media learned from overseas, the future production version Is expected to adopt the iNext named iX5, and Will provide L3 level Autopilot system.

From the exterior design, although the current test vehicle has a strict camouflage, but the headlights and other details can be found at the new Car Will be a lot of design elements retained iNext . It Is understood that at the same time, the future size of the new Car Will be roughly equal to the X5.

The interior can be seen from the spy, the Car uses a new design style, two large-size dIsplay connected to the particularly eye-catching, compared to the current modeling concepts have some obvious differences.

Power, the Car mileage Is expected to reach 373 miles (about 600 km), one hundred kilometers acceleration time Is only 4 seconds. Compared upcoming iX3 and i4 pure electric vehicle, the future iX5 expected to use a larger-capacity battery pack.

(FIG / Luhong Wei Wen CNC Co.)