BMW X5 Audi Q7 in front of him Is not worth mentioning, the design Is very off-road range

whole new generation of Mercedes-Benz GLE450 new design language applied to the family, compared to the old rough shape, it becomes smooth a lot, the initial models provide two kinds of off-road vehicles and sport appearance package. Big mouth hexagonal grille, the shape becomes more flat, the stars inside the Mercedes-Benz lattice pattern match thick stainless steel trim, and a great Car pointed star logo, have a strong vIsual impact. Lights belong to a part of the latest models change a lot of places, daytime running lights using a new family of double “L” design, match the full LED headlight high beam split, with a high degree of recognition and the practical effect of the lighting. Directly below the front bumper using the “fIsh-scale pattern” decorative design, the upper and lower sides of the stainless steel to enhance the trim, but not cluttering rich texture.

Is continued for a Car interior subsection level S shape, with the instrument around the dual-screen design, the liquid crystal dIsplay to produce a dual foot Modern sense strong explosion, but also equipped with a Mercedes-Benz MBUX of human-computer interaction systems software, using slush, leather products, wood panels, metal materials and composite materials, three full cool bottom steering wheel, a panoramic head sunroof Car seat using a two-color match of casual seating, comfort and cysts Is relatively good. The basic line in the tank capacity 825L, expand the capacity of 2055L.

ride track extension indoor space causes generation Benz GLE sufficient to increase, by a second-row seat 4 Is also possible: accounting 4: 2 than to Carry out stretching. Wherein the upper and lower seats may be Carried out in six-way electric adjustment, around, adjust the spacing of 100 mm, and the seat back and adapted to adjust the Car headrest. In addition, the new Car optional folding third-row seat, and “easy out” (EASYENTRY) system software, can provide a lot of indoor space applications and coordination.

and quite elegant luxury Car interior Is supporting force greater competitiveness of new GLE, basically all praIse words to describe its design are not too. + Suture high-end skin cysts decorative design of the Car interior timber, whether tactile or vIsual impact are all top-grade level standards, thIs Is indIsputable. Located in the central control panel just below the four rounded rectangular vents to further improve the newGLE sense of movement, together with other models difference. Car steering wheel to keep in line with the latest S-class, three-spoke style not only reflects the new GLE young side, touch a metal material function keys are also beautifully.

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new Mercedes-Benz GLESUV to elegant and peaceful posture, show casual charm, blooming irresIstible aura. The design concept of making impressive cool and attention Is excellent style. Subject to import tariffs on exIsting policies harm, produced in the UK Is facing gle and gls full range of prices. Taking advantage of a rebound until the price has not been up too late to explain, pay close attention to the Car now!

GLE generation models maintained steady temperament, thick C-pillar design, and Built D column two models of the original classic elements, be preserved in the new Mercedes-Benz GLE. Straight body curves from just below passing, the new Mercedes-Benz GLE drag down to. New Car extended wheelbase 80mm, at the same level models have not strive, while also providing indoor space for third-row seat for the Car, the body size of each 4924/1947/179 mm, wheelbase 299 mm. The main driving force parameters: match a vehicle engine TL6 + 48V mixed light engine, the vehicle body can be optional E-ACTIVE Automatic control system, the maximum power of 270kW, the larger the maximum value of the torque 500 nm, equipped with 9AT transmIssion. Is such a domineering side leakage GLE, beat the BMW X5 and Audi Q7, can say no pressure to win.