Bile Is really big! The brand “engraved” BMW classic cars, selling only 30,000!

Speaking of balls Car, many people first thought should all BYD F0, because the appearance of small, BYD F0 in the country Is affectionately called for the balls. However, we would say today, nor that thIs egg egg, in addition to BYD, a classic Car BMW BMW Isetta, thIs Car Is also being called into balls Car fans, and because of the unique shape, thIs Car many people also regarded as a classic. However, thIs Car Is a BMW Car made 60 years ago, and now has been difficult to buy in the market, but if you like Egg BMW Car, then EG6330K from the benefits of high energy might as a substitute, but the price Is similar in appearance just a little more than 30,000. Bile Is really big! The brand “engraved” BMW classic Cars, selling only 30,000!

decided to give the benefits of high “bubble Car” appearance of a modern version of a new, however, and not as part of the vehicle body as extending to the rear original BMW Isetta . Benefits of high Car EG6330K no previous front door as well as gasoline engines. Instead of four conventional doors, a fully electric powertrain drive thIs Car for small Cars. A lead-acid battery supplies 72 kwh 5 horsepower. If lack of motivation, then, the battery pack Will provide 140 km mileage range of the vehicle before it needs recharging.

tail shape substantially coincides with the front, body size of the benefits of high EG6330K length and breadth were 3300/1470/1470 mm, 1940 mm wheelbase. Vehicle weight 750 kg, using four four layout. Because the body Is short, limited interior space, EG6330K also designed a rear plug 20 liters luggage. EG6330K were provided BritIsh green, vibrant orange, lake blue color scheme. McPherson suspension in the form of independent suspension, torsion beam axle suspension half.

thIs another way of thinking Is worth learning from other vendors, similar in shape now classic Cars that keep returning hundred percent properly properly, direct spike competitors . EG6330K front face naive, kidney grille of the BMW, like most places, above the grille Is similar to the Chrysler logo, U-type bumper almost a half-circle around the bottom of the front face, InsuranceThe position of the front wheels eyebrow bars integrated turn signals, turn the top of light Is an exquIsite small round lights, the entire front face looks very sense of time, almost as movies and televIsion props Car.

In addition, in the active and passive safety, collIsion avoidance vehicle combined with the application of artificial intelligence techniques, in theory, could have been the chance of a frontal collIsion reduced to 0; weak electromagnetic interference system of passive safety technology in other orientations can also make the probability of collIsion effectively reduced. Up to now, EG6330K cumulative total test duration of 350 hours, the total mileage of 9680km; wherein the flat road accounted for 44%, accounting for 35% of reinforcing bad road, an uphill road accounting for 21%; major failure has not occurred during the test, the general failure 10 and have since improved.

EG6330K not only has a classic styling and low prices, the most important thing Is it zero fuel consumption, low-Carbon, environmentally friendly, but also shelter. Compared to those two motorcycles, two electric Cars have an advantage, very suitable for small urban population of urban transport. In the above price, thIs EG6330K Is quite a bargain, only 32,000 yuan. With the average elderly scooter also about the same price, but simply victory in shape temperament.