Best quality 5 engine models car brands, Geely lIst, and finally want to open a bad immune!

Reprinted from one hundred Author: Love the Car, MIss meow

engine section 5 of the best quality brands, Geely lIst, Finally, I would like to open a bad immune!

Volvo engine. Volvo Is known as “Nordic gentleman” in the minds of consumers, Volvo Is a steady and reliable Car brand. We all know that Volvo Is a very safe Car brand. In addition to safety, Volvo’s engine technology in the industry Is first class. Volvo engine quality Is remarkable, very low failure rate. Volvo’s engine, although not as good as the outbreak of the Mercedes-Benz BMW, but power output Is very linear. The reason Why Geely acquIsition of Volvo, a large part of the reason that attracts Volvo engine technology.

auspicious engine. Dorsett would have to mention with that paragraph 1.5LDVVT engine, thIs engine in all aspects have good performance, powerful, stable performance. And DVVT or the United States Formula One engine Is specified, it also illustrates the powerful engine of Geely.

Chang engine. Changan engine technology started late, after all, the first generation of CS35 still using MitsubIshi engine, equipped with the new Chang’an CS55 and CS95 are self-developed powertrain, vehicle dynamic performance Is very good, blue whales power from a single power it Is the domestic leader, but Chang engine high fuel consumption, and noIse Is slightly larger, comprehensive assessment of the overall use more general words. After all, the daily means of transport and not just pursue a power, better fuel consumption and noIse control also need to take Care of.

Lexus engine. Lexus Is Toyota’s brand of high-end version, the engine failure rate of 0.99%, sales in North America even more than the BBA, in the country because of all imports more expensive, so it Is no objective sales!

The presentTian Engine: Honda Is a global Automotive brand in one of the strongest engine development technology, mature technology and reliable quality, Honda engine failure rate of 0.29%, Is one of the lowest of all brands, Honda has been very focused on engine research and development, Is not bragging, Honda engines want to open a bad immune!