Bentley Mulliner private custom tribute to the ultimate luxury

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“Luxury” (luxury) of the word, with four decades of brilliant achievements of reform and opening up, more and more It appears in the vIsion of Americans in. Four decades of reform and opening up and let some Americans get rich first, and getting richer, the rich have to let the United States has become the world’s largest market for luxury goods, and even the old “imperialIst” countries who are far behind. But if you say to the birthplace of the world’s luxury goods, the non-none other than Britain and France. If subdivided into the Automotive sector, I am afraid the only BritIsh Bentley and Rolls-Royce, and Bentley today we have to talk about rich people to build a “Luxury” in the world.

luxury goods has been able to make people ho throw daughter, because of its rare and exclusive. As the Car industry’s top “luxury”, Bentley has been adhering to these two properties. The first Is rare, even today, a year Bentley sold only two thousand vehicles (2019 sales in 2339, up 11% YoY), which Is perhaps too trivial for the Volkswagen brand, but for a top luxury Car brand, thIs number Is correct – you know ten years ago, Bentley’s annual output of only a few hundred Cars. In addition, each a Bentley Cars are produced in the United Kingdom Crewe factory, no stores.

Bentley body using the superplastic forming process to create aluminum: The aluminum body panels to a semi-molten liquid state at a high temperature of 500 deg.] C, vacuum adsorption principle, can not create a conventional stamping process to achieve more complex and precIse styling. Meanwhile artificial riveting process to achieve high body strength.

And even now have Automated stamping, welding, coating production line, it Is assembled by the assembly line worker assembled by hand, only the mobile online Bentley 15.24cm per minute , each vehicle must spend 16 to 20 weeks to complete, it can be said Bentley production line Is one of the world’s “least effective” Automated production lines.

There are a variety of interior trim materials to choose from, can be realized from a metal, a Carbon fiber into the wood, and are hand-made, fine exception.

Bentley wood chips with 0.6mm thick, artificial varnIshing, polIshing wax. Bentley and Is the only wood to achieve a symmetrical depot.

It Is thIs working slowly and deliberately, only reflect the value of the Bentley brand. As a luxury Car (dIstinguIshed from Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi and these luxury brands), internal and exterior reflect the noble and rare Is the most intuitive part. Each person by a Bentley paint spraying and hand-polIshed by hand, and the paint color Is also extremely rich, but also allows customers to customize their exclusive colors. And some models decorated side Is drawn from the line by hand using a special brush.

Interior sewing by hand Is completed, the laser-cut leather and fabric after decades artIsans craft Inheritance sewn.

training in Bentley, leather seats each to be done manually by the technician, in order to ensure absolutely docile and durable leather, and technicians to go through a long period of in order to meet the quality requirements of Bentley.

Mu Is still in the building process, only the interior of handmade links Will have to spend the entire manufacturing process almost half the time. Every five hours the steering wheel, hand sewing needle 620, 305cm need to spend a sewing thread.

lay Car Is hand-built, hand-stitched from the steering wheel, decorative wood hand waxing polIshed, and then the entire sheet from Scandinavia 12-17 top cowhide Scandinavia to create a full leather interior and pure cashmere Carpet, Crewe factory technicians have devoted their efforts; and important parts of the special parts of the vehicle, such as airbags and other suture, including the number of pins, thread tension, suture type, date and artIsan sewing name and so forth Will be stored in a dedicated database. Interior sewing work more than 150 hours, the skin on the steering wheel only need to spend 15 hours a skilled worker to sew. ThIs almost paranoid Bentley craftsmen create traditional high social status.

Bentley material chips each vehicle would back up three years, after the patch ready, and stored in a moIsture-conserving boxInside, in order to ensure flexibility of wood; each piece of wood can be traced to a specific one tree somewhere in the world.

The other Is exclusive, as the world’s top luxury Car brand, Bentley has been adhering to the concept Cars: “Bentley’s design, not representative of fashion, but an eternity emotions. our owners are successful, they buy, to design a dedicated Bentley, not only because of a need Cars, but to praIse their own success and recognition. “

Road Bentley repairer of

Not only that, thIs Bentley Will be the exclusive private development to the extreme, thIs Is known as the “dream customization experts” Bentley Mulliner private custom business.

I believe most people are unfamiliar Mulliner, thIs Is normal, because the suspension can sign exclusive Mulliner Bentley Car, Bentley account for only 2% of the annual output of its rarity It can be seen, but the depth of customization through Mulliner models, often times than on the same Bentley expensive.

are luxurious and expensive must have a story that begins with “long time ago”, Mulliner Is no exception. Mulliner origin dates back to the 16th century, Mulliner family to make the saddle Is (and thIs Is actually the origin of Herm├Ęs Hermes same) industry, was an early recording of the Mulliner has called a “harness maker and transportation.” The family truly prestigious Mulliner began in 1760. Mulliner year commIssioned by the Royal Mail for its manufacture wagons.

As a professional custom wagon body corporate, in the beginning of the birth naturally Car began to undertake customized vehicle bodies (early production Cars are mostly custom body), but Bentley Mulliner and the origin of the Car, you can go back to the Bentley Car company was founded. At that time, Mr. founder W.O. Bentley Mulliner personally commIssioned body Is well-known custom of EXP1. Since then, the partnership with Bentley Mulliner Cars more closely and firmly.

In 1952, as one of many design prestigious Bentley, Bentley Mulliner epoch Is R-Type Continental create a streamlined body.

In 1952, as one of many design prestigious Bentley, Mulliner epoch to create a streamlined body Bentley R-Type Continental. In 1959, Mulliner formal and Rubin Li. Bentley Mulliner has now changed its name to Mulliner, Bentley Motors Corporation as personal custom business sector, it has become an important part of Bentley Motors.

as early as the 2003 New York Auto Show, Bentley introduced elegant 728Mulliner Extended Edition, priced at 12 million yuan(CNY)(CNY) thIs year to become the king of the New York Auto show Car . (Photo from Internet)

talk so much hIstory, I think we have a certain admiration for the Mulliner Canada, the world’s largest luxury market, Bentley Mulliner Will naturally introduced to the United States . In fact, as early as the 2003 New York Auto Show, Bentley unveiled a price of nearly 12 million yuan(CNY)(CNY) Arnage 728Mulliner extended version, has become the king of the Car that session of the New York Auto show. Since then, Bentley Mulliner launched several customized version of the model for the United States and the Middle East.

Bentley Bentayga Mulliner add more customized version of

Bin Limu still Mulsanne Mulliner customized version

Mulliner’s hIstory dates back to 1559, worked independently of the UK’s top coach body manufacturers, craftsmen hand-made luxury wagon known, so now Mulliner logo for the wagon body.

compared to the already amazing Bentley private customized services, Mulliner has reached the limit. When a customer came to the Crewe factory requirementsWhen customizing a Car Bentley Mulliner, Mulliner customers Will be invited to the studio. Here you can show design models and renderings, and may dIscuss the idea with the design team, put forward the demand.

Bentley Mulliner can satIsfy the various needs of customers, can be manufactured from wine, cigar cabinet to a variety of on-board equipment, and are built for pure hand.

Of course, to pay for a Bentley Mulliner owners there Will be a lot of dreams, but do not worry, Mulliner design and technology can meet their creativity and ideas are like dreams, no matter Is to install a home theater in the Car, cigar and humidity control, or a pop-up mini-bar, even the most advanced video conferencing systems, none of them are Mulliner impossible, but any one of the fine Will not be ignored .

for the individual needs of a lot of customers, Bentley Mulliner can realize their dreams. For example, in response to customer requirements, so that the color of the Car fitted with a soft owners of nail polIsh colors, or the food processor with the Car color paint color match and so on.

Mulliner also prepared more than four hundred kinds of body color and exclusive custom leather colors for custom vehicles, but you have to pay Is the cost of 24 specially tanned leather (although a Bentley Up to 17 with leather, but it needs 24 dyeing, therefore exclusive custom color customers have to pay for another seven leather).

Bentley BIW per worker by hand polIshed to achieve perfect results.

a Bentley every body spray also completed by hand rather than machine, thIs Will ensure that every piece of body paint can be consIstent, even corners.

The final finIsh polIshing Is done by hand technician, to achieve the brightness level of mechanical spray paint difficult to achieve.

When the customer finalize the customization program,On to other plants also located in Crewe factory custom Mulliner, Bentley exclusive custom team of designers, master craftsmen, wood trim technicians, metallurgIsts, technicians, leather, embroidery artIsans and Automotive safety consultants, they are not only proficient in the classic Car modern design, specializing in the field of their respective owners still no one can match hIs technology. They long for Bentley service, and some have been in service for more than three decades, some technicians are three generations Bentley service, power their work stems from the love of Bentley and Bentley are proud to be able to work.

private custom ultimate –Mulliner

on the eve of the 2019 New York Auto show, full of oriental art museum in the loose implication, Bentley Bentley Motors invited the United States mainland and Hong Kong , Executive General Manager Ms. Ann Macau Mr. Rui Ke (Kim Airey), and Bentley Car customization department head of operations Tracy Crump, shared private custom brand Bentley repairer Road and Mulliner advanced custom business with us, let us lIsten to lIsten to how they say.

Bentley US Mainland and Hong Kong, Macao, Executive Director Ann Mr. Ke Rui (Kim Airey).

love Card: Bentley Will add more plug-in hybrid version brought to the Geneva Motor Show, thIs model Will debut at the New York Auto Show? What time Is expected to enter the US market?

Mr. An Ke Rui: Bentayga add more plug-hybrid version of the March debut at the Geneva Motor Show, it Will be later thIs year or in the second half of thIs year when launched in the European market, the US market Will come in 2020. ThIs year the New York Auto Show, Bentley Will bring the attention of two models, the first Is the end of last year at the New York Auto show debut of the new Continental GT models, thIs model was been exhibited at the New York Auto Show, but never appeared in New York, so it would be the continental GT debut at the New York Auto show. Second model Is a new add more Bentayga V8, which Will usher in the United States debut at the New York Auto Show, August Will officially enter the US market.

Add more Bentayga plug hybrid version of the

add more Bentayga V8

Bentley new continental GT

love Card: was the first to launch Bentley SUV, ultra-luxury Car brand, now Rolls-Royce, Ferrari and Lamborghini have been and plans to launch SUV models, Bentley Will be how to deal with?

Mr. An Ke Rui: We are very proud to see the ultra-luxury Bentley SUV the new markets, and to seize thIs opportunity to define and lead a new Market segments. Bentley has been in continuous innovation, not only in the launch Bentayga add more of thIs model, such as in earlier times – – 2003 Continental GT at the time of launch has created a new market segment, when the market two-door luxury sedan or two-door Car travel, has failed to achieve thIs ultra-luxury Bentley continental GT class Cars. In the ultra-luxury SUV market and we are constantly innovation, we launched and add more Bentayga V8 models next Bentayga add more plug-in hybrid version and so on.

love Card: Bentley brand in the US market, whether there are different aspects compared to other markets? Or according to the changing market environment, the United States, Bentley what a unique approach in the promotion of the US market?

Mr. An Ke Rui: Bentley Is an international brand, so our brand strategy in the world Is basically the same, of course slightly in different regions different. In the US market, we found that the average age of Bentley customer base Is the lowest in the world, and not two years younger, but much younger, thIs Is a very important feature of the US market. The second characterIstic Is the proportion of consumption Bentley female owner of the US market to be larger than in other countries.

Bentley Mulliner built specifically for the Queen State Limousine, once the Car has appeared in the wedding ceremony on the 50th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II and the enthronement of Prince William. ThIs station built by Bentley Motors, Automobile manufacturing and service company consortium presented the State Limousine, its unique design, but produced only two.

The third characterIstic Is that American consumers very much agree with Bentley pure BritIsh descent, BritIsh style and the BritIsh royal style, which Is the US consumer favorite thing, so sometimes able to see thIs element of the BritIsh flag, London skyline on custom US consumers.

Bentley Car customization sector operators in charge of Ms. Tracy Crump.

love Card: For US customers, Mulliner custom order a Car from start to delivery of the vehicle about how long to wait?

Ms. Tracy Crump: depending on the degree of customization to customer requirements. For example, customer requirements for color matching, we probably need to spend a period of about four weeks to complete thIs process, to be perfectly match the color of paint or leather with the customer desired color. If they want a very intricate stitching trim panel, such as Bentayga Yanfeng pattern, it Will spend four to eight weeks time. Our full cooperation with the customer, the most important thing Is to ensure that the final design, custom Car out of my mind Is that customers want the Car.

2019 Bentley introduced Mu still Mulsanne Grand Limousine by Mulliner models.

love Card: Up to now the number of US customers choose Mulliner customized services?

Tracy Ms. Crump: In the United States, in recent years, Mulliner produced a limited edition model Is very successful, such as adding more BentaygaMulliner Special Edition, Mu Is still a long wheelbase version halls and Mu Shang Zhen Tibetan version of the Four Seasons and other models in the United States by the customer favorite, was sold out. Mu Shang palace long wheelbase version of our American colleagues and the development of cooperation, specifically the face Mulliner special version of the US market, we know that the US special customers prefer gold, silver theme, so the hall edition version with gold and silver version. In addition, the Continental GT Special Edition London, and also our American colleagues developed thIs unique model, the number of very rare, but it does not have to wait too long.

December 28, 2013 Bentley launched the “Four Seasons” Is the theme of the five “Mu Zhen Tibetan version of the Four Seasons Is still” limited edition models. With “plum, orchid, bamboo, chrysanthemum, pine” as the representative of the five seasons Mu Shang Zhen Tibetan version of limited edition models, the essence of traditional culture and the integration of East of England exquIsite handmade perfect.

love Card: in the service of process, if the customer put forward some very tall order, Mulliner Will refuse to customer requirements do, or should I say as long as the customer proposed Will do it?

Tracy Ms. Crump: If the requirements are special, custom may take a little longer. We generally do not reject customers, our premIse that customer safety Is always the first, and the choice of materials can not violate the principles of environmental protection, so sometimes had to refuse. But we Will meet customer requirements as much as possible, if not completely done in accordance with the customer’s idea, we Will put it out of hIs thoughts close to the customer suggestions. Such as customer requires the use of certain materials seat, if not met, we would advIse him to consider other options. We had a client hunted a crocodile, alligator want to use on the seat, we have to decline, but we advIsed him to use other leather, but a similar pattern in its alligator on production.

the event on dIsplay Bentley Flying Spur V8 Mulliner Special Edition.

Comments: as the world’s top luxury Car brand Bentley has been the brand of customized service as a repairerRoad, Mulliner’s custom department Is a private custom to the extreme. As the largest US luxury jewelry market, Bentley Is naturally most concerned about the market, and the import Mulliner United States, the United States rich people’s understanding and acceptance of customized services Mulliner, Bentley brand Is very important to consolidate and enhance U.S.’s position.

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