Away from the carcinogenic car! 2020 US auto health index released the first results

Former US drive 2020 July 24 News a few months time, the owners of the Audi Q5 lead to leukemia incident caused quite a stir in the market, although the official result of the Car Is causing Carcinogenic and harmful gases , has not given a final conclusion, but thIs also caused great concern for consumer Car air quality. Recently, the American Institute of Automotive Engineering Co., Ltd. US Auto index Health Management Center Issued a “health index American Car (C-AHI)” in 2020 the first batch of model evaluation results.

thIs period a total of 10 models released survey results, covering its own brand models (3 models), a joint venture brand (paragraph 6) and an imported Cars, to include fuel vehicles (eight), pure electric vehicles (paragraph 1) and hybrid vehicles (1 paragraph), evaluation of the project including interior volatile organic compounds (VOC), interior odor intensity (VOI), and vehicle electromagnetic radiation (EMR) . Here we look at the results of the evaluation.

US Auto health index management center based on “the American Automobile health index” Recommended models “selection method (2020),” selected the American Automobile Health Index for 2020 a number of recommended models 3 models, they are: refine S3 2019 under Chilean Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Co., Ltd. production drive 1.6CVT Luxury (HFC7161MTV), SAIC General Motors Co. Cadillac XT4 2019 models 28T AWD platinum ( SGM6468EBX1), New York Automotive Co., Ltd. production Beiqi new energy EU5 R500 intellectual style version (BJ7000C5D3-BEV).

First of all, thIs batch extraction Beiqi new energy EU5 R500 Is only 10 models a pure electric Car. EMR evaluation results of the models achieve five-star level, indicating that the electric Car as long as the well-designed, electromagnetic radiation Is not necessarily more serious than fuel vehicles, electric vehicles, consumers do not need to “talk about convergence pale.”

From the test results of thIs batch of 10 models of view, in the vicinity of the low-frequency magnetic-field radiation control screen Is generally good, the vehicles 9 vehicles 10 allIn the measuring apparatus of the background noIse level in the control and screen size of the radiation field size of its low no significant relationship. ThIs shows a large spread of the Internet for some time big screen radiation, harmful to the body Is not quite scientific. Conscious rational control electromagnetic radiation, consumers can not worry about electromagnetic radiation, and rest assured to enjoy the big screen brought a sense of science and technology with the convenience of a sense of time as long as the Car manufacturers use a large screen and related design.

for consumers to bring attention seat heating cushion position over the Issue of electromagnetic radiation, health indicators EMR procedures designed a special test indicators. From the evaluation results, the present batch, there are four vehicles with seat heating, low-frequency magnetic radiation measurements with and without seat heating rather, the measuring device are in the noIse floor level. ThIs indicates that as long as the seat heating system of well-controlled design, low-frequency magnetic-field radiation can be achieved without heating and comparable to the level of the seat.

In addition, from the results of diagnostic evaluation and the results of thIs previous batch run, whether fuel vehicles, hybrid vehicles or electric vehicles, rapid acceleration in the vehicle deceleration state the low-frequency magnetic radiation were generally much higher than the Car when the constant speed. However, due to rapid acceleration deceleration usually of short duration, long-term working state Is not the vehicle, thus EMR health index evaluation in the proportion Is not high, consumers do not have to worry too much.

from the health index has been the VOC / VOI sector, the results of thIs evaluation are consIstent with the past, Is still difficult to obtain a five-star rating. 10 Car models thIs evaluation, only the pride of Zhejiang Automobile Manufacturing Co., Volvo XC60 T5 AWD version of Chi Yi received a five-star rating VOC / VOI, and their performance has just reached the five-star standards. Among them, Passat and modern Festa, only received three stars. Passat ranked last in the 10 Car. In fact, on Passat Car smell, vehicle pollution complaints, but also very much on the network.

of harmful substances in the vehicle, including benzene and formaldehyde, there are many in the test, the formaldehyde concentration exceeding normal temperature, the plate becomes maximum VOC the deduction items. 10 Car models in thIs one no one out, excellent rate was 50%. But that does not mean you can not do a good job of formaldehyde controlCadillac XT4 formaldehyde control can do even at high temperatures, it Is still not exceeded.

Finally, I would like to remind owners to pass the test result of thIs announcement, the Car some taste may be toxic. For example, triethyl phosphate having fruit flavor, at high doses may give rIse to a slight anesthesia. Chlorobenzene with bitter almond flavor, anesthesia and can depress the central nervous system. Methyl Isobutyl ketone-like odor having a methanone 2B Carcinogens, with earthy cyclohexanone it Is 3 Carcinogens.

These substances mainly from the rubber of the vehicle, plasticizer, antioxidant and the like materials. If you smell the taste of the owners of these in their Car in, we should mention the alert. In addition, with more and more Car screen, on-board electrical equipment more and more, especially the gradual promotion of electric vehicles, the Internet also rumors circulating about the electric Car electromagnetic radiation exceeded by thIs result we can see the new energy vehicles Beiqi EU5, still get a 5 star evaluate electromagnetic radiation, it shows that net transfer of “electric vehicle electromagnetic radiation exceeded” absolutely no scientific basIs.