Automotive plated crystal bag construction that you do not know something, the election or to vote for mirror polIshing reduction

now very soft paint Is thin, even if more intensive Care, paint surface can leave small scratches or less, the halo pattern

crystal plating Is possible to effectively prevent scratches, provided that prior to leaving the grain before coating paint thoroughly treated fine lines

package on the market of construction businesses pay attention to see there are two quotations:

polIshing + construction

+ reduction mirror construction

for deep color paint can with a mirror light reduction recommendations ignore Comparative halo pattern light Is not obvious

thIs Is the play lights paint after polIshing effect, obviously the halo pattern, natural light not look Carefully Is not apparent in the

What Is the effect of mirror-polIshing paint reduction,

before normal paint unpolIshed

do restore the mirror finIsh

daily Car wash Car left the small fine lines

After the mirror reduction

thIs Is contrast construction

normal Car traces

after the repair

after the repair plating crystal, the effect Is quite good, but the reduction if not a mirror, after which crystal itself Is colorless and transparent, the original lines or Will be apparent

using the paint surface traces

after the repair

after the repair Is high overall reflectivity

before the construction

after construction