Automotive opened a few years, yellow headlights blurred? Repair small brother to teach you a trick, headlights shining like new

old drivers know, “buying a Car easy to keep a Car difficult,” Car need to do maintenance on a regular basIs, many novices in the Car wash, easy to overlook the cleaning of Car headlights. Over time began to yellow, Car shade above Is also coated with a layer of dirt, blurred look dirty. When driving at night, the headlights are not bright obviously felt seriously affect driving safety. Car headlights blurred yellow? Do not panic first, today the small Car repair brother teach you a trick, headlights shining like new.

with a soft cloth to wipe the headlights

Why yellow headlights Will be yellow? In fact material because, generally with lampshade made of polyCarbonate, after a year-round sun and rain, it Will naturally aging and yellowing. When cleaning the headlamps can not be Careless, to wash away the sand debrIs with a water gun, to prevent secondary scratches. The gravel debrIs washed clean, then wipe the lights above water stains, use a soft cloth, preferably professional Cache towels, lint-free and absorbent strong, polIshed clean, not to hurt the Car.

soapy Magical

If the washing with water, it Is no good, then we can with soap and water to clean the Car headlights, but do not wash too often, and when you can use the Car wash. Because soapy water Is slightly alkaline, non-corrosive lights, but also a good cleaning action. If the lamp surface there are some stubborn stains, then do silly brush with a brush, easy to scratch shade, lights need to use professional cleaners, washed clean, but do not hurt the lights.

an elongate repair scratches

If the surface has been scratched headlight, scratches, then, we can wipe the headlights with a professional polIsh, repair hairline scratches. After polIshing agent repaired, and then waxing to maintain. After the lights to the finIshed waxes, like new light, plus a protective film, it can be Isolated from dust and dirt, but also has anti-aging effects.