Automotive Is one-time items? The airbag how to recover, the owner: the cost of such a joke

Is a one-time Auto supplies? The airbag how to recover, the owner: the cost of such a joke


The airbag hear repairman say, the owner: ThIs Car can take you up!

In recent years, the Car has become an essential everyday tool for travel, more and more people choose to buy private Cars in the country’s foreign security awareness Is not strong, if a relatively low safety performance of vehicles, equipped with airbags Is not perfect, so foreigners Will not buy thIs Car, as domestic sales MPV king, Wuling Hongguang, the whole Car airbags 0, was named the most dangerous in the country American Car. Mentioned security configuration, requires a lot of Car owners must be equipped with an airbag, after all, no one can guarantee when the Car Will not be an accident, the airbag critical time can save a life.

While the vehicle airbag inconspicuous, but the most critical Is the most expensive part of the vehicle, the airbag generally uses a powdered chemicals fixed at a certain position, when Will pop up after a strong collIsion, protecting the occupants head and chest, avoid strong impact, but sometimes the age of the vehicle relatively long period of time, the situation airbag failure occurs, then the owner Is also difficult to find.

Some time ago, the Internet exposed Takata airbag manufacturers to produce substandard airbags, and a large number of substandard goods vehicles have been put into the market, there Is Toyota, Volkswagen and Volvo, Car prices do not recall detect the vehicle, it Is inevitable to shed the owners extremely suspicious of heart dIsease.

Under normal circumstances, the airbag Is good sleeping in the Car, but after suffering severe impact, Will emerge to protect the owner slips , after you play to its value Will be deflated deflated like a worn plastic bag as hanging in there, so that the whole Car Is very bleak. After the general airbag broke the Car also Will scrap it, not only overhaul in appearance, and even the interior also takes a lot of money.

airbags so the Car becomes a one-time items, can not be opened after repair, can only enterLine replacement, the average cost Is relatively high, a main driving an ordinary Car airbag price of 5,000 yuan, the whole Car in general has many settings, complete down may reach 3-4 million, the owner of the thIs view also could do nothing but smile, and the cost of thIs service Is like a joke. And the replacement of airbags also need to be extra cautious, be sure to choose the regular manufacturers of products, after all, a matter of life, not the effect.

The airbag Is not a panacea, pay attention to traffic safety in the daily open during good to avoid traffic accidents, in some cases, the body has Car crash caused by an airbag busy but make no pop-up, but its exIstence to the owners of certain psychological comfort.