Automotive introduction process quality and performance Elineila supercar Is very strong car

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Alineila superCar

Arrinera Is a BritIsh – PolIsh superCar, can compete with other Cars in the same market from driving parameters, process quality and performance.

Arrinera design Is intended to assume all of the following conditions are met, to dIstinguIsh the super sports Car with a mass-produced sports Car area:

in the whole have good traction speed range of

1 braking deceleration, 1-1,3 g (10,79-12,75 m / s)

power / weight ratio of 1,1-2,9 kg / 1 HP

10 seconds acceleration 0-200 km / h

less than 30 seconds acceleration 0-300 km / h

acceleration 0-100 km / h, Is less than 4 seconds

300 to 0 km 7 seconds or less / hr or less brake

0-300-0km / h Is less than 40 seconds test

cornering force of more than 1 g

1/4 mile time of less than 12 seconds

a centrally located engine

famous BritIsh Car designer Lee Noble (LeeNoble) Will lend hIs name to thIs project . He Is currently a member of the SupervIsory Board and Arrinera CarInc. shareholders, he Will be responsible for the technical aspects as well as the design and production of super sports related rolling chassIs.

surname Li Is a BritIsh entrepreneur, designers and Automotive engineers. He was known as the BritIsh Carmaker’s most prolific ever. For three decades, he created nearly 2,000 vehicles according to their own design. Almost all of these have had innovation performance. Lee’s Car Is more concerned with handling and performance capabilities. Wherein one of the McLaren F1.

Arrinera SuperCar

Arrinera super sports

as part of the implementation of the strategy, Arrinera vehicle management department signed an exclusive negotiating agreement from the UK takeover Phoenix Motor Co., Ltd. 50% of the shares, the company participated in the Phoenix sports construction projects. Arrinera plans to complete the deal before the end of the third quarter of 2011. ThIs investment Will enable the company to Arrinera implement strategies to build a group of companies in a very favorable position in the FIA ​​GT sports Cars and low volume production market, and access to foreign markets and technology / know-how, at the same time enjoy a good reputation on the elite market operations. Phoenix Car Is controlled by Li Connaught.

Arrinera Motor Company plans to start producing Cars in Poland. The company does not build its own manufacturing facility, but rather to focus on finding the right subcontractors in our country, and negotiations with potential partners with the necessary expertIse in Automobile manufacturing, has made good progress.

Arrinera goal Motor Company expects production Will be 600-700 Cars per year. Arrinera Automotive Co., Ltd. (Arrinera Automotive S.A.) Is preparing for the first time stock quotes on the new connectivity market. Arrinera Motor Company’s largest shareholder Is veno S.A. venture capital fund, lIsted on the NewConnect market for three years.

Arrinera appearance

styling Is characterized by sharp and dynamic lines, which clearly demonstrates the great potential of the super sports Car. Front of the Car near the ground, which greatly improves its aerodynamic performance. When viewed from the side Car, people can not help but have such an impression: move forward cabin door line increased significantly – in everyday traffic, these features that we do not often see. In the back of the Car, the unique muffler housing similar to the diffuser exhaust nozzle jet. Arrinera super Car Will be equipped with 650 horsepower engine. The body Is unique, its aerodynamics and lightweight structure Will maximize the engine output possible.