Automotive interior ugly cry? ! That you have not yet met ALCANTARA

Reprinted from one hundred Author: modification of innocence

now design Cars more stylIsh cool, streamlined waIst line, aggressive front face, low body, but they seem to have the Car interior Is very cold. Meaning that the person driving the vehicle, and the people most contact Is the Car’s interior in the process of driving a vehicle, if the Car burst shape, but the interior Is very superior power of LOW, it Is too fly in the ointment.


a stylIsh luxury vehicle interiors often and materials it uses Is inseparable relationship, like the Bentley Car interiors Xiao Bian has been very much appreciated, and often require a Bentley Car spent the first layer of leather NAPPA 9 head of cattle, but cattle requirements are very high, the choice of 18-month-old cattle, these cattle are on the farm grassland graze the top side play grew up, instead of eating the feed. So imagine manufactured with high standard interior How can we not luxurious.

Bentley interior

in the world now promote the protection of the ecological environment and under, NAPPA Will be eliminated in the future, replaced by more environmentally friendly, affordable and safe materials, in Italy there Is a ALCANTARA.SPA company, they produce green microfiber suede material, not only environmentally friendly Carbon emIssions, and luxurious texture, Is ideal for high-end interior materials. Resulting in a number of ultra-running succession and ALCANTARA cooperate:

Lamborghini Aventador

Alcantara Is a suede-like material, you Will find that it includes seats, upholstery and steering wheel. It was developed in the 1970s, and animal products Is durable and long-lasting synthetic substitutes. ThIs Is a patented product, the company itself Is named.


Despite the similar appearance of suede leather, Alcantara but can tolerate more hostile environment without destroying its soft and silky features. ThIs makes them ideal for in-Car use. Another obvious advantage Is the appearance of many performance Cars and high-end use of thIs material, because of its texture and quality appearance.

the R8 seat

Porsche wheel
Porsche seat

the above Is a little about the interior conversion ALCANTARA material. Like a friend to come to their Car interior decoration oh.