Automotive interior ugliest five cars, look no desire to buy, did not see your car

we consider when buying a Car in addition to price, the Car’s exterior and interior are also within the scope of our consideration, even if more expensive the Car, the appearance of do or can, although not so big on, but barely seen in the past! But there are always accidents, there are so few Cars, look very good, but once you sit in immediately no desire to buy, these five Car’s interior was really a big mIstake! To see your Car?

Toyota Yat-induced

Speaking of Japanese Cars, people are praIsed again and again, good engine, body Is also nice and light and also the quality of Leverage drops, whenever opened Japanese Cars are all thumbs, the price Is affordable, can interior Toyota Yat-induced Is not afraid to compliment, in the control position was very embarrassing, flattening out, obsessive-compulsive dIsorder estimated to be looked at immediately get off!

Ford transit Core Europe looks really cool, very consIstent with American style cool publicity, Is a very inexpensive American Cars, Ford Is also favorable rate quite high, but the interior Is people’s criticIsm, Ford’s centralized location Is too messy, and even stalls also join in the fun, crowded into the central control position, it gives the impression that it Is too crowded too messy, so that passers-by Rui Europe instantly lost several grades, makes one look lost the desire to buy

Kia Is a Korean Cars, Kia Sportage on the whole, then it Is good, but but the interior gives a cheap feel, compared to the same price of domestic Cars, Kia lose grade of D Is not a bit, because Kia’s interior configuration Is too cheap, and said seat or PU material

Ssangyong Actyon Is a Korean Cars, but also a net importer of Cars it should have beenIt Will thrive, but the interior Is too sorry for the public, and people see no desire to purchase, and sales in the country Is estimated to be the cool! Such Interior estimated that even QQ are not as good, right?

Zotye used to be a Car spare parts, but in the Zotye vehicles decorated really too shabby, looks like it Is taking the retro route? Go sit feeling a bit like the elderly scooter!