Automotive interior trend, car seat covers to be eliminated? User: and soil and “terrible”!

the new trend of Car interiors, Car seat covers to be eliminated? User: and soil and “terrible”!

everyone after purchasing hIs own Car, made their first action, that Is for their own interest and various decorations, especially those women drivers more like these. Although male driver the driver, the less number of actions in thIs area, but it Is also not bad when you actually implement up. But no matter which type of owners Will have the same approach, that Is to add their own and do another, it has also become a fashion, become an essential Car decoration items.

However, with the continuous development in recent years, we can not find such behavior it seems less and less, we are also able to see a few In fact, doing thIs kind of thing set up. Why once-popular things absolutely need, and now it Is difficult to see it? Today we take a look into. First of all we have from the first degree for its appearance on. Many people buy such a Car seat, the main problem Is the Car with them, generally we are buying Car color Is very monotonous, especially for the interior, the general Which color choice? All of the devices are similar color.

and thIs Car seat colors are generally cool colors, the impression Is very mechanical, relatively warm heart for those people, under such an environment, driving Is very depressing feeling. They Will buy a variety of Car seat cover color replacement back and forth. But many owners after the change of such a Car, only to find themselves with the fact that Is out of tune, and was even other colleagues laugh too earth.

The second aspect we just from its performance in terms of safety. Automotive interior trend, Car seat covers to be eliminated? User: and soil and “terrible”! Then the Car seat covers have a big effect on the safety of the vehicle Is. In fact, many people like about thIs seat cover, Is to be able to make yourself more comfortable driving, but under such a comfortable environment, many people Will have a sleepy slowly. But there Is a hint of tension Is the best, so you can be more Careful driver.


Such seat covers installed, the Car’s airbag can not even open properly under such pressure, thIs time we Will be able to jeopardize the safety of the passenger Car. Car seat covers sales hit a bottleneck? Thermal owners no longer worship? User: finally let it go! So many people are reluctant to buy such a Car seat, as Is the ability to protect their own lives.

In addition, another reason Why we no longer buy thIs kind of Car seat cover, seat cover because there are some materials that are not very it Is good. Under the sun exposure Is likely to produce a variety of odors, long drive in such an environment, then the driver Will have the feeling of vertigo, thIs time not even the driver’s safety can be guaranteed. Therefore timely that the seat cover Is removed very necessary. Do not know your Car seat covers you have to install thIs?