Automotive interior mystery chap.

With the quality of life improved, Cars also entered the lives of ordinary people. But many people do not understand the fact of the Car. When their Cars fail, sometimes on their own can solve. Only a big failure, you can go to 4s or repair shop to repair. Then only to understand the inner workings of the Car to a repair shop to be less deceived.

Well, the first chapter update today. Let’s step by step into the Car, understand the Car!

Car configured:

a body

2. Non-load bearing type 1 formula

now, the majority of urban type sedan and SUV are the biggest advantages of using monocoque monocoque Is lightweight, relatively high utilization of the interior space, the center of gravity Is also very low.

Now non-bearing vehicle body Is relatively small contact, mostly a truck, off-road vehicles and the like professionals.

bIs ChassIs

1. 2. Steering system with a brake system 4. 3. TransmIssion system Is simply with receiving transmitted torque from the engine through the drive train, and through the action of the drive wheels and the road surface attachment, into the driving force of motor Cars.

function steering system Is controlled according to the wIshes of the driver of the vehicle traveling direction.

function Is to make the braking system of the vehicle for driving even compulsory deceleration stop according to the requirements of the driver; was suspended so that the parking vehicle stability under various road conditions; so downhill vehicle speed remains stable.

The basic function of driveline power of the engine Is emitted to the drive wheels of the vehicle, generating a driving force, so that Cars can travel at a certain speed. .

three engine

1 divided by location: Front Center Rear

The most common use of the family Car are front-engine design.

2 points of fuel: gasoline engine diesel

to light the way for the gasoline engine, driving more comfortable.

Diesel compression-ignition mode, powerful. .

Number of cylinders 3 points: 3 8-cylinder four-cylinder six-cylinder cylinder or the like

4-cylinder engine Is the most common.

IV. Electric

Light power seat power window starter generator

ignition coil and so on.

Well, today it Is the first chapter in Automobile construction Is over. The latter Will bring you more detailed the inner workings of more useful Car. Let us grow together progress. With a little bit of Automotive interior stripped the veil.